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Triceratops Gets Lost App Review

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Like all omBooks – and there are many – Triceritops gets lost is a great straight up ebook for kids. The illustration and narration are very well done and professional. The story is fun, and generally, a worth while ebook, especially for children interested in dinosaurs.

App features include:

  • Read to Me
  • Read to Myself
  • Auto Play
  • Text highlighting
  • Picture / Word interactions on each page

What’s Great
I love that Triceratops Gets Lost gives children a traditional linear reading experience that’s digitally enhanced with features such as audio, text highlighting and vocabulary builders. I also love that it’s a universal app, which means that it is designed to work and look great on both the iPhone/iPod and iPad. Lastly, I love that the app is a partnership with the Smithsonian.

Where are the extras?
I have said this before, but I will say it again, where are the extras? Although I love the digital version of books, I expect – and I think many parents do – fun extras like games and coloring pages, especially for this age group.

Another great eBook from omBooks especially for dinosaur fans, but don’t expect any games or other fun extras.

The Prehistoric forest can be a very dangerous place for a young Triceratops. When he is left behind by his herd, Triceratops suddenly finds himself alone and helpless!

Soundprints and the Smithsonian Institution recreate a bygone world and give you a glimpse into the life of this incredible creature. beautiful graphics and powerful sound effects make you feel like the exciting adventures of the prehistoric age are happening right outside your door! This title has been carefully reviewed by paleontologists at the Smithsonian Institution and provides fascinating information about the prehistoric world.

Triceratops Gets Lost
Triceratops Gets Lost
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