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Vincent the Anteater's Space Voyage is more than just a storybook app, it's an overall educational and entertaining experience for children of all ages.

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Vincent the Anteater’s Space Voyage is an interactive tale that offers wonderful graphics, sound effects, and lessons about nature and caring for the Earth. This creative story takes readers on a journey through space as Vincent the Anteater searches for answers when he notices his favorite hairy green ants have disappeared. Interactive, educational, and great for children of all ages, this storybook app is one that will quickly become a family favorite.

Features include:

  • Interactive illustrations
  • In story activities
  • Narration in English


This app is full of delightful illustrations and images that appear as puppets in very realistic settings. Some of the images can be brought to life with a simple tap which is a great addition to the story. There are also various animated features in the app that make this app quite appealing for children. The background music and additional sound effects are very well done and add to the overall realistic feel of the app. Narration is available with the English setting which is great for pre-readers as it allows them to enjoy the story as well.

This app does not include text highlighting and is only narrated in English and considering the app has 9 other language options, this can be a bit limiting for some users. With that said the overall quality of the app is still very good.


What I love about this app is not only the charming story, but also how the developers have included a variety of educational facts and topics easily. As readers follow Vincent into space, they are able to explore various planets that appear to have some challenges regarding natural resources, ecology, waste disposal etc. As children help to solve each problem, they are learning the importance of keeping the earth clean, limiting pollution, sharing water, retaining natural resources, etc. They also learn a valuable lesson in experimentation and exploring the world as Vincent is quite the explorer and scientist.


It’s always nice to see storybook apps that include entertainment features in addition to the story and the developers of this app have included many interactive features to help keep children engaged. Each scene offers specific images for children to tap on and explore. Each planet that Vincent travels to also offers an activity for children to complete as they work to solve each planet’s specific challenge. Both the interactive images and activities help to keep children engaged in the story as they learn.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a great deal. With a great story, awesome illustrations, interactive features, valuable educational material, and narration, this app has a lot to offer. Parents may find this app quickly becomes a family favorite with all that it has to offer.

Child Friendliness

Vincent the Anteater’s Space Voyage is not only a great story, but it is easy to use too as it allows children to tap and touch their way through the images to bring them to life. The developers have also included a text window that can be used while children read to themselves (or to follow along with the narrator) that is easily hidden to fully engage with the images and interactive features in each scene. I love that this app allows children to explore the story and features on their own without instruction as the developers have included subtle hints to assist children throughout.

Parents can rest assured knowing the app is safe to use since there are no social media links, advertisements, or in app purchase links. While it would be nice to include text highlighting and narration for all languages, the app is still great for children to use.

Vincent the Anteater's Space Voyage is more than just a storybook app, it's an overall educational and entertaining experience for children of all ages.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars