Where Are Your Photos in iOS 8? How to Navigate the New Photo Storage System

How to Navigate the Photos in iOS 8

If you took the plunge and downloaded iOS 8 which became available this week, you may have been shocked and confused to find that your photos were no longer in your trusty Camera Roll as you’ve come to expect. But fear not- your photos are still in tact and have just been moved, so we’ll show you how and where to find them, as well as a few tips for navigating and understanding the new Photo system in iOS 8.

Image: Apple


Now when you open the Photos app in iOS 8 you’ll see albums for Recently Added, Panoramas, Videos, Bursts, and Recently Deleted, in addition to albums from third party apps such as Facebook and Instagram if you have them. There’s also an album called Recently Added, for photos taken within the last 30 days (this is closest to what used to be your Camera Roll) and an album for Recently Deleted Photos. But your photos that are more than 30 days old are now in a totally new location, which has caused much confusion and in some cases, frustration for many users. Your old photos can now be found in the Photos tab at the bottom of the Photos app in a view called “Collections.”

Collections organizes your photos by date and location and is Apple’s way of making photos more searchable and organized. The thought is that it’s now much easier to find a photo from a specific place and time in the past, but more recent pictures can still be found in the Recently Added album mentioned above. Some issues have also arisen from the third party apps, like Facebook and Instagram which  haven’t updated with the new photo storage system in mind. Those apps will show the Recently Added album as though it were the Camera Roll, so the only way to share older photos is to create a new album and move the pictures over manually.

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