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Join the Kratt brothers as they venture into the wild to learn about bees, elephants, and raccoons in a variety of fun games and activities.

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Available on the App Store

For children who love Wild Kratts on PBS, this interactive app is a fun way to learn about science and animals from the Kratt brothers on the go. Wild Kratts Creature Power allows children to play one of three games that will teach them about bee pollination, interesting elephant facts, and the raccoon’s omnivorous diet. And with fun stickers that can be earned and a cool photo feature, children will have a ball as they find their own creature power in this adventuresome app.

Features include:

  • 3 fun games to learn and play
  • Camera that allows children to take a picture in a creature power suit
  • Stickers to be earn and decorate pictures

It’s always fun when you have an animated app with a cartoon-like feel to it like Wild Kratts Creature Power does because it keeps children engaged and interested in addition the activities. This app includes three challenging games, sticker fun, and a camera feature also keeps children interacting with this application as they learn about bee pollination, elephants, and the raccoon omnivorous diet.

Within each game, children are provided brief instructions and a little “how-to” visual representation that shows them exactly what they need to do to earn points. Clear audio and praise from one of the Kratt brothers is played with each correct response in the game which adds a nice touch and keeps children encouraged as they play. The animation is also very good and isn’t too busy so children can play along without getting distracted by flashy graphics. That combined with the audio and visual features makes this a high quality app.

There are three great learning opportunities in this app and they come in the form of entertaining games. The first game is the bee pollination game where children guide the Kratt brother bee to various flowers to pick up pollen and distribute it to another flower of the same kind. This activity teaches them the purpose of bees and how pollination works.

The second game is a fun game that teaches children the many functions of an elephant’s trunk as they have to load up the elephant trunk with water, sand, or mud depending on the needs of the elephants passing by. For instance, an elephant with a sunburn needs mud, one that is dirty needs water, and one with bugs flying around them needs a blast of sand.

The third game is one that helps children learn the different types of food omnivorous creatures eat as they help the mommy raccoon feed her young. These activities teach children fun facts about bees, elephants, and raccoons in a unique hands on way that will allow the information to stick and makes this an awesome educational app.

In addition to the three learning activities included in this app, there are also two other entertainment features that make this a well rounded app.

There is a sticker and photo section of the app that allows children to take pictures of themselves with the Kratt brothers or in various creature power suits. Once they take the picture, they can also add a variety of stickers to it making each picture unique. This part of the app allows children to use their creativity and allows them top put themselves in the app which is always fun.

With the nice balance of education and entertainment features and the high quality animation and audio, I found this app to be a good value. Parents can watch their child learn new facts and play games for a price that won’t break the bank.

This is a completely safe app for children to play with no social media links or advertisements included whatsoever. However, there is a small information button on the main page that gives parent and children access to other PBS apps, information about the app, as well as brief instructions on how to play, but the button is so small, it isn’t likely to be a big concern.

The games included are all very easy to use and allow children the freedom to play without getting stuck in one area or aspect of each activity and the intuitive interface makes this app a great choice for early learners.

Available on the App Store