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World’s Best is a swashbuckling ebook that will draw children into a world of make-believe and pirate fun.

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World’s Best offers an entertaining pirate story for younger children with a nice amount of adventure, colorful illustrations, and a chance to become a part of the story.

Features include:

  • Professional narration
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Capability to add photo faces to the main character
  • High quality sound effects
  • Easy navigation


World’s Best is a high quality app, with every feature working as advertised. Pages are responsive, turning easily, and developers have included a settings section that allows control of the narration, music, and picture. The navigation is intuitive, with capabilities to page forward and backwards and to choose specific pages from the list.


This app is a straightforward ebook, offering narration and independent reading modes. The story is relatively simply and engaging, which will appeal to younger children. The narrator uses good expression, which will help children engage with the story. Each page contains two sections of text, so when the arrow is touched to go to the next page, sometimes it just fades the first set of text and allows the second set to appear.

The app is missing some of the basic ebook features commonly found in similar apps, such as highlighted words as the narrator moves through the pages, the capability to hear a single word pronounced when reading in the independent mode, and animations to be accessed on each page. There also are no extra related activities, which many other children’s ebooks offer. This seriously detracts from the interactivity of the app.


The story and illustrations are wonderful in this app, but its lack of interactivity compromises its entertainment value. The main (and only) activity is to insert a picture from the device’s camera roll into the face of the main character. Many children will find this amusing, since it is possible to put the child’s own face, the face of a parent or a friend, or even a pet onto the pirate’s body. The picture can be changed at any point during the story, as well.

Some parents may be concerned about the elements of violence and other objectionable things in this story. There are explosions, and at one point, a character throws a rum bottle at another character. There is also a “barroom” scene showing the Pirates’ Haven where characters with foaming mugs carouse, and one character is shown passed out in a plate. If you find elements of this sort to be objectionable, you should definitely preview this app before allowing your child to use it.

The lack of interactions on each page may be a disappointment to young users if they are used to that sort of extra. It’s easy to picture a frustrated child poking and swiping the screen in vain, looking for the usual sorts of animations that many will have come to expect from ebooks. There is not much to differentiate this ebook from a traditional book, since it doesn’t not take good advantage of the ipad’s capabilities except for putting a new face on the main character.


Even for a free app, World’s Best seems quite sparse. With little interaction beyond changing the picture on the main character, many children are likely to become bored fairly quickly with this offering. It’s a good choice for children who are excited about pirates, though, and will entertain kids for a few sessions because they can put pictures of their choice onto the main character’s face.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child friendly. There are no outside advertisements, no in-app purchases, and no active links to the internet. There are no links to social media and no links to email. The settings and information sections are accessible to all users, but there are no risky sections that should not be accessed by children.

World’s Best is a swashbuckling ebook that will draw children into a world of make-believe and pirate fun.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars