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When it comes to learning the basics, I find it’s sometimes best to bundle them into one kid-friendly app for the best effect. The new Writing My First … 5-in-1 app combines lessons on colors, letters, numbers, shapes and positions, and even contains a fun drawing board for kids where color and creativity combine.

While the app is entirely kid-friendly with no advertisements and zero outside links or inappropriate social networking content, it is a bit simple in my opinion. The number and letter learning interfaces are the best in the bunch. The app includes a number song and a letter song (a bit favorite with the kiddos) and has leveled practice so that kids can learn the basics for writing each in a structured manner with plenty of help.

However, I expected the cool features in those two interfaces to apply to the rest of the app. Unfortunately the colors, positions and shapes portions do not include any sound. I expected at least that the app would announce them aloud or have an option for kids to hear the words.

The app is also a bit buggy. In the positions area, for example, the thumbnail images for “in front of” and “in” are switched. So touching “in” brings up a larger image of “in front of” and vice versa. The app also force closed on me and the kids several times. It didn’t take much to trigger this, and we were working on an iPad 2 with the latest software version.

With all those little errors, it’s even harder to swallow the app’s price. Coming in at $9.99, I certainly expected a bit more content and a bit more quality. If it had a lower price, I’d consider giving the app a slightly higher score, since the number and letter learning interfaces are so smart, with guided practice and practice sheets that take the place of wasteful paper sheets.

Bottom line

Writing My First … 5-in-1 is a smart app for teaching kids how to write letters and numbers, but it could use a bit of work and a serious slash in prices.

We provide the first “all-in-one” amazing iPad app for kids, toddlers and preschoolers! Professionally designed and developed with preschool teachers in mind.

This app will provide a full complete 5in1 app for teaching a huge amount of activities for your kids. Our primary goal is “Tracing Activities” and “Fine Motor Skills”.

Writing My First…

✔… Introduces the letters (alphabet) and numbers.
✔… Learn to draw by tracing over step by step templates (Letters & Numbers).
✔… Very intuitive and easy to use interface.
✔… Combined color pallet.
✔… Blank pages to practice freehand drawing.
✔… Friendly songs and sound effects.
✔… Building confidence with drawing and art in any age group!

Made For…:
✔… Age group 2 to 10+.

Learning Skills:
✔… Art and creativity, right brain thinking.
✔… Basic building blocks of a drawing.
✔… Fine motor skills for younger audience.