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Here we look at the tie in game for the movie X-Men Days Of Future Past.

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X-Men Days Of Future Past is one of the most popular stories in the entire catalog of Marvel Comics. The movie is now a huge summer block buster movie and to tie in with that we have a video game for you to play on your iOS devices. Interestingly X-Men Days Of Future Past The Video Game uses the comic book as its inspiration.

Features include:

  • Amazing comic book style graphics, great controls, amazing value, lots of levels


X-Men Days Of Future Past is a first rate video game when it comes to quality. The game uses the comic books as its inspiration and all of the art in the game from the backgrounds to the characters looks like it has been ripped right out of a comic book. This is very cool and while some may be disappointed that Wolverine does not look like Hugh Jackman from the movies. The end result is an X-Men game that looks unlike any other super hero game on the iOS. A great deal of work clearly went into making this game look like an inter active comic book.


Now I will be 100 percent honest here and say that X-Men Days Of Future Past The Video game does not offer a great deal of educational value for your kids. The story is told through text so there is some reading involved. And there are some secret areas in the game that do require some puzzle solving. But for the most part this is a game that is all about your kids having fun. I guess that you could actually say that as it’s so action packed it does work on their hand eye coordination.


This is a game that is just full to the brim of entertainment. Your kids will be very happy if you download this for them and they will spend ages trying to get all of the cool hidden items in the game. The way to describe this game is a side scrolling action game. You get to play as a variety of different X-Men as you play through levels that are set in both the future and the past. You need to navigate the levels as well as taking down various enemies with your mutant powers.

The game controls very well with two different control schemes for you to pick from. Once you have beaten the story of the game. You can go back and try and find all of the secret items. These are really cool and give you background information on the different X-Men. As well as this there are also different costumes for the characters to unlock.


I am not exaggerating when I say that this game deserves a 20/10 for value. You see this is a very rare game in that once you pay the couple of bucks to download it you have the full game. There are no in app purchases what so ever. This is a onetime deal where you pay for the game once and get the whole thing. This is just so amazingly rare these days. There is no hustling you to pay extra for more lives, characters or whatever. You get the whole game right from the start. For the price you really are getting a very well made game that truth be told would be a bargain at double the price.

Child Friendliness

X-Men Days Of Future Past is not suitable for really young children. There is some comic book style violence in the game, but it’s not full of blood and gore and in fact is no worse than what your kids see on a Saturday morning cartoon. The game can be quite challenging, but in a fair way so this is a game for more experienced gamers. There are no in app purchases or links to any other sites in the game so that is always a nice bonus.

Here we look at the tie in game for the movie X-Men Days Of Future Past.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars