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  • Zooper ABC Animals
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Zooper ABC Animals is the perfect all inclusive alphabet app that allows players to learn and write the alphabet, while adding fun words to their vocabulary.

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Zooper ABC Animals is a cute early learning app that helps little ones practice reading and writing the alphabet while learning new words they can add to their vocabulary. With great pictures and interactive illustrations, this app offers a fun environment for children to learn and play.

Features include:

  • 3 Educational activities
  • Great interactive images
  • Easy to use


Zooper ABC Animals is full of great interactive images that are brightly colored and visually appealing. The added sound effects and narration that are included help to bring the app to life in a way children will really enjoy. The user interface is very easy to use and only requires simple tapping and dragging motions to move through each of the educational activities which is perfect for young children. Overall, this app is very well done.


In addition to practicing the alphabet, players have the opportunity to practice writing each letter in both upper and lower cases. The tracing exercise is very easy to use and guides children through the strokes (if necessary) using numbers. Players also have the opportunity to learn new words that begin with each letter. This activity shows a variety of shadowed pictures that when tapped show up in full color with the word listed above (and read aloud if narration is on). Overall the developers have done a great job making this app easy to use and educational without making it confusing or hard to follow.


While this app doesn’t really focus on the entertainment value, it is one that children will enjoy playing. With the narration on, children have the chance to read and hear fun rhymes with each letter and interact with various images associated with each letter. The sound effects and simple, yet entertaining interactive images create a bit of fun while children learn. While it would be nice to add another game or activity for entertainment value, this app is really more about the educational features.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app is a great deal. With three educational activities to enjoy, great images and sound effects, and narration options included, children are going to get a ton of value out of this app.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a nice job of creating an app that is educational and easy to use for kids. The tap and drag model used to move throughout the app is great for younger users, however moving between the activities with each letter may not be as apparent for younger users. With that said, the developers have done a great job overall making this app safe for children of all ages to use.

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Zooper ABC Animals is the perfect all inclusive alphabet app that allows players to learn and write the alphabet, while adding fun words to their vocabulary.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars