10 Ah-Mazing Parenting Hacks For A Less Stressful Existence

Parenting is a fun job, but also one that’s challenging and stressful–after all, you’re raising little ones to contribute to society, not be a drain on it. Thankfully there’s lots of small things–or hacks, if you will–to make life just a tad bit easier. Check them out and breathe a sigh of relief today:


1) Laundry Basket Bath

Place your (clean) laundry basket in your tub before filling it with warm water and soap. Bathing your kiddie in this basket is the best way to ensure their rubber duckies and other toys don’t float away.

2) Rubber Band Help

Secure a large rubber band around the doorknob of your bathroom so kids don’t get locked in…and subsequently feel traumatized.

3) Phone Number Bracelet

Remembering the home phone number isn’t always easy for young children, so take the guesswork and panic out of the equation by making a bracelet for them that features said number. Use little number beads as well as other beads picked out by your kids so they always have the number handy.

4) Loose Tank Top Assistance

Racerback tops are all the rage again, and if your kid’s tank top straps are too loose, create a racerback with a pretty barrette. Use barrettes made of soft fabric to avoid injuring the child.

5) Chores=Games

Getting kids excited about chores is hardly easy, but if you turn it into a game they won’t groan every time you ask them to do something. Look for ideas on the web, or come up with your own fun.

6) Open Pacifier For Medicine

Make medicine time a whole lot less traumatic by administering it through an open pacifier.

7) Shoe Tracer

Have kids that don’t love trying on shoes? Make tracings of their feet and shop on your own.

8) Crib Transformation

Are your kiddies too big for their cribs? Turn the furniture into super-cool craft stations they’re sure to love.

9) DVD Cover Coloring Case

Transform an old DVD cover into a coloring case! Fill it with some paper, colored pencils, and anything else you can squeeze in, such as an eraser. ‘Reuse’ projects such as these also teach kids about the importance of recycling.

10) Tooth Fairy Glitter

Step up your tooth fairy game something fierce by adding glitter to quarters, dollar bills, and five dollar bills.

These are just some of the many awesome ways to make parenting easier! Have fun and get creative!

What are your favorite parenting hacks?