10 YouTube Channels to Help Kids Learn English

Adverbs, adjectives and nouns, oh my! Most kids need a little boost with English from time to time. You could hire a tutor, but first, why not check out some of these great YouTube channels to help them understand what they need to learn?

Help for Elementary Students

The GrammarHeads

The GrammarHeads are on a mission to make learning fun by teaching catchy songs about various concepts, with a wealth of language arts lessons tossed in. Sing songs with the kids about the differences between commonly confused words like to, two, and too or they’re, their, and there.

Each video is just three to four minutes long, so they are very bite-sized. Kids will want to watch their favorites again and again, so be prepared to bookmark the favorites.

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Flocabulary offers subject-specific video sets across the curriculum, but their language arts videos are outstanding. Check their playlists and head to the Language Arts section for five outstanding videos.

The explainers cover topics such as hyperbole, setting, pronouns, and more. Each is three to four minutes long, and makes a perfect jumping off point for more in-depth lessons on the topic.

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This wide-ranging site has an outstanding collection of story-telling videos that teachers and parents can put to good use. Watch classic stories like Cinderella and Rapunzel.

Storyteller extraordinaire Ms. Booksy guides kids on literature adventures they will never forget. The videos are over thirty minutes in many cases, and kids get a great treatment of popular stories.

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Visit Grammaropolis to help kids get in the know about language arts. The channel offers a selection of over 25 grammar videos that have been lauded as the “Schoolhouse Rock” of the 21st century.

The animated videos bring parts of speech and punctuation to life as kids watch and learn about using each of them. The videos are colorful, engaging, and just plain fun!

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Help for Middle and High Students

National Writing Project

Listen to informative videos from some of the foremost experts on teaching writing at this channel. Covering topics such as wide ranging as debate and digital literacy, the videos are best for teachers or homeschooling parents, but they provide a wealth of background information and ideas about how to teach this challenging subject.

There are dozens of options here. Videos range from thirty minutes to over an hour each, but viewers will be treated to invaluable information in each and every one.

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Brightstorm offers a wealth of subject-specific videos keyed to high school level classes. Their English grammar and writing sections, together with their SAT and ACT prep sections covering language arts topics, number past a few dozen videos.

The videos are white-board driven lessons taught at the high school level. They feature real teachers in classroom-like settings. The topics are explained clearly and succinctly, and most are about five minutes in length.

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Essay Writing Made Easy with EssayPro.com

For many students, one of the toughest parts of English class is writing. This channel offers advice videos that take on topics related to writing in high school and college, such as developing the introduction and writing a compare/contrast essay. The company behind this channel is a professional essay-writing site, though, so be sure to inoculate yourself against commercialism and the temptation to have someone else do the work for you.

Commercialism aside, the channel does offer some helpful and sound advice about constructing various types of essays as well as information about the elements of a good essay. It’s worth a look!

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Channels for Literature and Poetry

Mr. Bruff

Need some help with analysis? This fantastic YouTube channel has loads of high school English content, but the focus is on literature. The videos are a bit longer, and many tackle one to two chapters of famous books such as The Great Gatsby and the Tempest.

Plan to spend a bit under a half an hour with each video’s analysis, because the teacher does a good job of explaining how he arrived at the thoughts that he shares. This whole site includes a wealth of information that high school English and literature students will appreciate.

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Miracle Institute English Literature

Miracle Institute English Literature’s channel offers short (2-15 minutes) videos on topics appropriate for upper level high school students, AP English students, and college students.

Many of the videos are actually of students presenting papers on the title topics. This can be a great example and inspiration for students who are aspiring to learning at this level.

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Whether you need a hand with Shakespearean plays or American literature, SparkNotes has got you covered. The company that has given you printed pamphlets about common lit assignments also has video explainers.

The videos will go over a quick synopsis of the story, literary elements that you should note, and more, all in about ten or fifteen minutes.  Make sure you’re on the right track for writing your paper or preparing for the text with these resources.

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