11 Outstanding Hacks For Parents

Parenting is challenging, and rightfully so: you want to raise children that contribute to society, don’t you?? Thankfully there’s plenty of little tricks and hacks that make parenting a bit easier, especially on days where all you can do is say “There’s no…I can’t…it won’t….ahhhhhh!”

Check out the following hacks to help you out:

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Sticker Shoe Help

Cut a sticker in half and place the pieces inside your children’s shoes. This makes it much easier for them to put the right shoe on the right foot.


Ensure hours of fun for your children by placing a box fan in the opening of a duvet cover. The result? An instant tent for reading, playing, and daydreaming.

Tub Toy Storage

Place an extra spring-loaded shower rod on the back wall of your bathtub. Use S-shaped shower hooks to hang baskets for the children’s bath toys.

Doll Hair Detangler

Detangle the hair of all your children’s dolls with a simple formula. Combine equal parts fabric softener and water to quickly and easily remove tangles.

Two-Meals-For-One Trick

Heat up two meals in your microwave at once! Place a cup underneath one plate or bowl to allow for easy microwave fitting.

Pacifier Storage

Make certain pacifiers remain clean when stored in diaper bags by placing them in sauce containers.

Free Back Massage

Purchase DIY t-shirts (the kind that feature patterns such as race car tracks and musical instruments) and use them for “free” back massages. For example, if you purchase the race car track option, you’ll get to lie on the floor and relax while your kids run their toy cars over your back again and again.

Backyard Insect Protection

Want to keep the baby’s playpen in the backyard, but don’t want her to be eaten alive by mosquitoes and other bite-happy pests? Place a fitted bed sheet over the playpen–instant insect protection!

Cherry Pit Removal Trick

Use a straw to easily remove cherry pits from cherries. This prevents emergency hospital visits because your kids are choking on cherry pits.

Pool Noodle Bed Help

Prevent children from rolling out of their beds every night by placing foam pool noodles under their sheets. They’ll never fall out of bed again with such “bumpers”!

Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

Keep stuffed animals in a bean bag cover to maintain a tidier home and to prevent you and your husband from tripping over plush toys all the time.