Take Away the Best 15th Birthday Party Ideas

15th birthday party ideas

You may opt for a simple get together for the 15th birthday party of your child, knowing that next year would be his or her sweet 16 birthday and you may want to do something special then, or you may want all birthday’s of your child to be special, and hence, you may be planning to throw a grand celebration party for the same.

Irrespective of your choice of kind of birthday party you want to throw, what is important is that the party needs to be fun and exciting for your child and his or her friends, who are invited to the party.

To help you make the 15th birthday party of your child a memorable one, I have compiled a list of some really cool and fun ideas for planning this birthday celebration.

Feeling confused about what special to do on the 15 year old birthday party of your child, check out the list below and find some pretty amazing ideas for throwing a rocking 15th birthday party for your kid.

1. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple-15th-birthday-ideas

Every birthday of your child is special for you and I can understand you wanting to make your kid wanting to feel really special on this day.

But, you need to understand that the 15th birthday is just another regular birthday, and even as your kid celebrates this birthday, he or she would be more excited about the upcoming 16th birthday next year.

Therefore, for the 15th birthday, you need to keep the party plans simple and concentrate on providing your kid, and his or her friends, a comfortable atmosphere where they can have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Reserve all the lavish plans and celebrations for the next year. Besides, the simple plans of this year would help in making the grand plans for the next year look even more special and significant.

2. Make The Kids Feel Like Grown Ups

Make The Kids Feel Like Grown Ups-15th-birthday-ideas

Once the kids turn into teenagers, they immediately start to feel that they are old enough to take care of themselves and therefore, any attempt on your part to take care of them, feels to them like you do not trust them.

Therefore, this fifteenth birthday, show your kid that you trust them as adults by allowing them to celebrate their birthday somewhere other than the house.

You can book a hotel or a party boat and allow your kid to take all his or her friends to this remote location and celebrate their birthday, without your consent supervision. This can be the best 15th birthday gift you can give your child, the gift of trust.

3. Involve The Kid In The Planning Of The Party

Involve The Kid In The Planning Of The Party-15th-birthday-ideas

Your kid is 15 and ready to take responsibilities, so instead of treating him or her as a baby who would only mess things up for you, respect your kid as an adult, and involve him or her in the planning and organizing of the party.

You can ask your kid to prepare the guest list, select an invitation for the party, choose the theme of the party, and many other similar decisions, which would in fact be better taken by him or her, for the simple reason that the likes and dislikes of the other kids would be better known and understood by your child than by you.

4. Use Pictures For Decorations

Use Pictures For Decorations-15th-birthday-ideas

Thanks to the growing culture of selfies, there is nod earth of pictures these days. Whether you want to find pictures with your relatives, friends or even far off acquaintances, with whom you might have met only once or twice, you would surely be able to find at least one snap of them on your smartphone.

For the kids, their pictures with their friends are extremely special. Thus, by using these pictures of your kid along with his or her friends for the decoration of the party venue, would not only make the venue look personal for the guests, but would also catch their immediate interest and attention.

5. Use Colors And Lights Carefully

Use Colors And Lights Carefully-15th-birthday-party-ideas

Remember the age of 15 is a very delicate age, where the child is still young, but likes to believe himself, or herself to be an adult. While making any and all preparations for the teen birthday party, this one fact will have to be kept in mind at all times.

This is a party for the youngsters and therefore, the decorations will have to be bright and colorful, but you need to use colors which do not make the venue look childish, instead use floral colors which brighten up the place in a matured manner.

When the kids enter the venue, they should not feel that they have for a child’s birthday party, but to a real party.

6. Do Not Bother Too Much About Food

Do Not Bother Too Much About Food-15th-birthday-party-ideas

Food is not that much of a priority for the kids this age. You can simply arrange for some fast food which can be home delivered. Kids love this junk food and would enjoy it a lot more than any food you cook at home.

To make the food at the party interesting, you can actually ask the kids to prepare their own food. You can arrange for ready to eat meals, which do not require much cooking, or provide them with all the ingredients which they simply have to assemble in order to get the final dish.

Cooking meals for themselves are something that many of these kids would enjoy doing and this would also give the party a very informal feel, thus making all the kids feel comfortable and at home during the party.

7. Careful Supervision Is Necessary

Careful Supervision Is Necessary-15th-birthday-party-ideas

While I insist on you giving your kid the space to enjoy the party with his or her friends without your interference, I do realize that 15 is not an age where you can expect your kid to handle any sort of emergency that can arise during the party, and hence, it becomes important that you stay close to the party, so that if anything goes wrong, you can immediately take care of it.

However, while supervising the party, you will have to make sure that your presence is as discreet as possible so that the kids do not start to feel uncomfortable or conscious because of your presence and are thus, unable to enjoy the party.

8. Outdoor Wild Party May Be A Good Idea

Outdoor Wild Party May Be A Good Idea-15th-birthday-party-ideas

Kids at the age of 15 are bursting with energy. They want to try out new and wild stuff, and therefore, instead of worrying what wildness is your kid going to explore next, why don’t you satiate this curiosity of your kid by giving him or her the perfect setting on their 15 birthday, to do something crazy and wild.

You can arrange for a paint birthday party for your kid, where all the kids would throw paint at each other and run wild all over your garden or backyard, getting not just themselves but your entire house dirty. The interiors of your house would remain safe, though.

9. Allow Them To Let Themselves Loose

15th-birthday-party-ideas-Allow Them To Let Themselves Loose

Let there be no rules for this birthday party. The kids can play their favorite music as loud as they want, dance on the sofas, drink directly from the tumblers and basically do whatever they want to do.

A party without rules will always be the best party ever.

10. Do Not Keep A Dress Code, Unless There Is A Theme

15th-birthday-party-ideas-Do Not Keep A Dress Code, Unless There Is A Theme

Many times in order to do something special for the party, we decide to keep a dress code for the party, like black and white, long dresses for girls, and a jacket for the boys, etc.

The kids at the age of 15 like to experiment with their looks and these birthday parties are the best places for them to really flaunt their fashion senses.

Hence, unless you have a specific theme for the entire party, like a vampire theme, etc., do not keep a dress code for the party. Simply allow the kids to put on their best dresses and make-up and try to impress each other in their own unique fashionable way.

11. Arrange For A Good Camera Or A Long Selfie Stick

15th-birthday-party-ideas-Arrange For A Good Camera Or A Long Selfie Stick

Teenagers are crazy about getting clicked, and besides, when you have given them the freedom to dress up to their best of abilities, they would definitely want to get themselves clicked in various interesting poses.

Therefore, you need to make sure that there is a good camera or a selfie stick present at the party venue for the kids to click themselves as they please.

Kids these days are pretty savvy about technology and therefore, you should arrange for the latest camera so that the best party pics can be clicked.

12. Plan Something Adventurous For The Kids

Plan Something Adventurous For The Kids -15th-birthday-ideas

If your kid is interested in adventurous activities, you can actually plan a nice party for him or her, along with their friends at an adventure sports club, where they can participate in various sporting activities like go carting, ice skating, mountain climbing, etc.

Besides, when throwing a party at these locations, there is hardly anything that you need to do personally. From food to decorations, everything is taken care of by the club management only.

13. Party Favors

Party Favors

The favors you choose for 15-year-old kids need to be well thought out.

Some of the options you can explore in this regard are CDs of the latest music sensation, accessories for the mobile phones, selfie sticks, personalized beauty items for girls, etc.

It is very important that the favor selected by you is not childish in nature and is able to immediately connect with the sensibilities of the kids.

14. Pool Party

Pool Party-15th-birthday-ideas

This is yet another interesting party idea for the 15th birthday of a kid.

In a pool party, the kids would be so busy enjoying themselves inside the pool, that they would not bother about the rest of the decorations and games.

However, you would have to arrange for some great food for this party, since all the pool activities are going to double the appetite of the guests at the party.

15. Party Games

Party Games-15th-birthday-ideas

The games played by the 15-year-old kids are pretty typical and you can choose from some of the famous kid’s games like a scavenger hunt, minute to win it games, spin the bottle, etc. for making the guests play them at the party.

A popular teenage game is that of truth and dare. However. When playing this game, things can very easily get personal and ugly and hence, this game should be played with a lot of precaution.

16. Let Them Plan Their Own Party

plan their plan party -15th-birthday-ideas

Your kid is 15 and next year would become a part of junior college. The least you can expect from him or her is, that they can plan their own party.

Hence, just give them the money, and let them decide whether they want to call their friends over to their home for their birthday party, or take them to some nice restaurant and celebrate their birthday with them.

17. Let There Be Lots Of Sweets At The Party

Lots Of Sweets At The Party

The presence of lots of sweets at these 15th birthday parties has two significance.

The first is that sweets represent the sweet teenage years of kids and hence their presence at the party is kind of symbolic.

And the second reason is that almost all the teenage kids love sweets and would any day prefer to eat sweets over savory. Therefore, a variety of sweets at the party only means that your food layout is sure to get a thumbs up from these kids.

18. Make This Party A Prelude To The 16th Birthday Party

Make This Party A Prelude To The 16th Birthday Party

A great way to celebrate the 15th birthday of your kid is by making this birthday party a sort of a prelude to the upcoming, and a very special, 16th birthday party.

You can arrange for a wishing tree to be placed in one corner of the venue, on which the guests would write what all changes they want to see in the birthday boy or girl by the time they turn 16.

19. Arrange For Flip Flops

Arrange For Flip Flops-15th birthday ideas

Girls may come to the party wearing high heels, and since this teenage party can be expected to last for long hours, therefore, the feet of the girls are bound to get tired.

You can arrange for flip flops for them so that they are comfortable all through the party.

20. End The Party With A Grand Gesture

End The Party With A Grand Gesture

The start and the end of the party need to be perfect in order to create a lasting impression.

Thus, to end the party with a bang, you can arrange for a huge sky balloon which all the guests can together light up and fly it into the sky.

Teenagers are very difficult to please and hopefully, my above ideas will help you in planning an impressive 15th birthday party idea for your kid.