4 Things To Teach Your Daughter

If you’re a mother to one or more daughters, there’s probably a few things you know for certain you want to teach them. However, sometimes the right words escape you at the right time! Prevent this from happening by keeping a list of things you definitely want to impress upon your female spawn, and to that effect check out the following wise words for inspiration:

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Beauty Is A State Of Mind

Physical beauty is great and all, but even the most gorgeous individual is ugly if he or she is hateful and mean-spirited. Teach your daughter that beauty is a state of mind, not just about physical appearance. After all, a beautiful heart and mind last way longer than a beautiful body.

Be True To Yourself

This may be one of the most essential things you can teach your children, boy or girl. As The Chairman of the Board famously sang, “I did it my way.” Emphasize that there’s no right way to be a girl or a woman, and that she’s a unique person who should celebrate her individuality. Tell her (more than once) that her thoughts and feels have value, and that there will always be “mean girls/people.” If others try to drag her down simply because she’s being herself, let her know it’s because they’re jealous.

Be Supportive Of Other Women

The whole idea of being “catty” towards other women is increasingly outdated, thank goodness. Stress that there’s absolutely no point whatsoever in being rude or “catty” to other girls, and that there’s no need to compete for men, since they’re always interested in women all the time. Make sure your daughter knows that other girls aren’t her enemies, they’re her sisters. If other girls are mean to her, that’s their problem, and she shouldn’t respond in kind.

Being Single Is Just Fine

Yes, being a wife can be an absolutely wonderful, but so can being single! Don’t let your daughter grow up thinking she has to have a man to be complete, and if she isn’t married by a certain time she’s a failure as a human. Point out that there’s nothing wrong with being on your own, and that it allows for many perks married folk don’t enjoy, such as going and coming whenever you please.

These are only some of the many things to teach your daughter! What are some other cornerstones to emphasize?