4 Tips For Raising Grateful Children

Help yourself raise grateful, courteous children instead of the opposite by utilizing the following tips. Be a good example and feel free to pat yourself on the back when you realize what awesome kiddies you have raised!

Say “Thank You” To Your Kids And Let Them Hear You Say It

Say thank you when your kids help you with the dishes, yard work, etc. It will please them to know you appreciate their help and might even inspire them to become more helpful. Let them hear you say thank you as well–after all, you are their example of how to behave in the world!

Don’t Give Them Everything They Want

Do not cave and give your kids what they want when they want it every darn time. This is a direct path to Spoiled, Obnoxious Brat Land. If they are old enough, explain that getting everything they want because they want it in that moment is not how life works, that you have to earn what you get.

Let Them Work For It

Speaking of earning what you get, provide opportunities for your child to work for what they desire. For example, if they really want ice cream, let them know they can rake leaves, clean the bathroom(s), organize their rooms, etc. to earn their treat. It’s a great way to teach the rewards of hard work.

Give Back

Give back to your community, whether it’s volunteering for neighborhood clean-up duty, beautifying the local park, working with the nearby animal or women’s shelter, and so on. Help your children see that other people are not as fortunate as they and that as people who have been given much, it is important to help out as much as possible. Inspire them to be the change they want to see in the world!

Hope these tips help–can you think of anything else that creates grateful children?