5 Habits Of Super Moms

Feeling as though the moms you know are doing a better job of juggling crazy schedules that include work, the kids, and 500 other things? Don’t feel bad! Those moms could just as easily be looking at you and wondering how you do it all, however if you still want to know what makes a mother “super,” check out the following five habits:

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Invest Time

Super moms invest serious time in their children. They don’t choose work over their little ‘uns, nor do they sit them in front of the television or computer rather than interacting. If you spend more time working than playing with your children, guess what? They’ll compute your distraction and hectic schedule as more important to you than they are. Take time to really listen and spend time with your children to ensure a healthy relationship and let them know they’re special to you.

Express Feelings

Kids are self-centered, which in their case isn’t a bad thing. They’ll learn to see the world from other points of view, something you can foster by encouraging them to express their feelings in a positive manner. You must do the same, i.e. gently explaining why you can’t play with them all day long. Create an open dialog and demonstrate that their feelings are important.

Be Proactive

Stay on the proactive rather than reactive side of things. Create a daily schedule that makes the most out of your time, which includes planning activities with the kids. Make time to focus your energy exclusively on your children, something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. This goes over a lot better than spending five minutes with them because they’re complaining.

Use More Than Words

The old saying “talk is cheap” is true for a reason. Don’t just say you love your kids, show them in various ways. Give them your undivided attention, hug them often, write notes in their lunch boxes, always attend their assemblies and sporting events, etc.

Accept Your Limitations

Accepting your limitations is not only part of being a mom, it’s part of being a human! It’s okay to say “sorry” to your kids, as it shows that moms make mistakes too. Everyone needs help every so often, so accept help when it shows up rather than feeling overworked and super-stressed all the time. The latter does not create a happy, healthy home environment.

Have any “super mom” stories to share?