5 Helpful Tips For Young Moms

If you’re a young mom, you probably feel a little overwhelmed…or a lot overwhelmed. Don’t panic, rather take it one day at a time and keep the following tips in mind. You might find you are a much better mom than you thought you would be!

Listen to Them

Listen to what your children say, what they request, etc. You won’t always be able to give them what they want all the time, which isn’t a good idea anyway because it creates spoiled children. However, showing them that you are really listening and value their thoughts and opinions is essential.

Embrace What’s Unique

Embrace what is unique about your children, whether it’s artistic or athletic ability, an uncanny connection to animals, etc. Encourage their pursuits and be their biggest cheerleader. Don’t force them into doing the things that you want them to do, such as making one of your children try out for soccer when she really wants to audition for the school play. This will only create serious resentment!

Say “I Love You”

Tell your children you love them! These three little words are some of the most important ones you can say to your younglings. Let them know how much they mean to you and how your love for them is eternal…do this every day. Every. Day.

Be Affectionate

Show affection in addition to saying “I love you”! Hug and kiss your children, cuddle with them while watching television or movies, give them affectionate pats, etc. Physical contact has shown to play a significant role in mental, emotional, and physical development, so be sure to show your children affection as much as possible.

Give Them Room

Give your children the space to grow and thrive rather than over-protecting them and smothering them. They have to learn how to function in the world, and though you are there to help and support them, they cannot be dependent on you all the time.

Hope this helps you be the best parent you can be!