5 Road Trip Activity Bag Ideas For Kids

Make road trips fun for little kids by packing bags full of fun activities. Use the following ideas as inspiration to avoid “Are we there yet??” and similar questions you do not feel like answering because you have already driven hundreds of miles.

Card Game Bag

Fill a travel pouch with several different card games. Look for the travel versions for best results. Give your children specific games such as Old Maid and or travel-sized packs of regular cards. Kids can have fun playing games such as Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and Spit.

Action Figure Bag

Look for action figures at dollar stores instead of filling bags with toys they already have. Your kids will love that they got new toys just for the car ride, and can have fun making up stories about the action figures.

Coloring Book Bag

Purchase new coloring books and colored pencils or crayons (again, dollar stores are great for this) so you kids can enjoy coloring in the back seat. Ask them for specific coloring book ideas if you want, as they may want ones centered around their favorite cartoon or story characters.

Magnifying Glass Bag

Use tiny bug toys and other small toys for this road trip bag. Add a magnifying glass to provide your kids with an entirely new way to explore their world. They may even want to use the magnifying glass for other things, such as sections of the car or other toys they have with them.

Chalk Board Bag

Place a small chalk board and some chalk in a bag to provide your children with car ride entertainment. Don’t forget to include some kind of eraser so they can erase what they’ve drawn and start over.

Use Ziplock or pencil bags to make your road trip kits! Have fun!