The best toddler activity materials.

6 Awesome Toddler Activity Materials

The best toddler activity materials.

Entertain your toddler using any or all of the following materials. Each option is cheap (which is always nice) and provides your toddler with the stimulation his or her growing brain needs. Read on, and be enlightened:

Pom Poms

Fuzzy pom poms in an array of colors are a great toy for toddlers. Use them for counting fun, learning about different colors, measuring, etc. Sending pom poms down a tube, such as a paper towel tube, is another fun activity for little ‘uns.

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are fun for toddlers to bend into different shapes. You can also poke holes in the top of a jar lid, screw the lid on the jar, and have the toddler send the pipe cleaners through the holes in the jar.


Cardboard boxes of varying sizes provide great entertainment for toddlers. They can have fun putting toys and other items in the smaller boxes, and crawling into the larger boxes. The larger boxes can work as makeshift toddler “forts.”

Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are yet another cheapie toy for toddlers. Make holes in the tops of yogurt containers and the like for your little shaver to to slide the sticks in.

Construction Paper

Encouraging your toddler’s artistic abilities is easy with construction paper and crayons. Make sure the toddler has plenty of room to draw and won’t accidentally use crayons on the underlying table–an old table cloth is great for ensuring table protection!

Egg Cartons

Much like the above options, egg cartons work as both toddler entertainment and crafts. Have your toddler fill the cartons with pom poms or other small, applicable materials, or use them to house small toys. Work on crafts together, such as Easter egg crafts where the eggs are dyed and have faces before being put back in the container.