6 Super-Cool, Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas

Looking to get crafty with your kids? The internet abounds with amazing craft ideas, any of which are sure to inspire young artists. Whether you’re looking for projects on a rainy afternoon or simply want to encourage activities that don’t involve your television, check out the following ideas and enjoy creating something awesome:


Melted Crayon Art

Gather all the spare crayons in your home that have made their way out of their boxes…ask your kids to collect them from playrooms and bedrooms if desired. Have your kids help you hot-glue the crayons to a blank canvas, then apply a blow dryer on the hottest setting over them. The crayons will melt down the canvas to create an interesting and beautiful piece of art. Keep in mind that while this project isn’t that messy, it’s still a good idea to do it on linoleum or concrete flooring. You know, anywhere that isn’t carpet!

Cardboard Playhouses

Create cardboard playhouses ideal for little children! You’ll need large cardboard boxes, wallpaper, paint, wrapping paper, a box cutter, hot glue gun, masking tape, and double-sided tape. Find the complete instructions at A Beautiful Mess, and feel free to get as creative as you want. Have your kids help you choose the wallpaper and wrapping paper, and use carpet sample squares or felt for the houses’ “flooring.”

Crayon Numbers

Collect the broken crayons in your home and bake them into numbers and letters using a silicone mold. Preheat your oven to 250°F and use an exacto knife to make certain the crayons fit in the molds so you avoid oven messes. Allow the crayons to bake for 10 to 15 minutes and voila: new crayon numbers and letters!

Cardboard Picture Frames

Have your children trace and paint cardboard picture frames, but do the cutting yourself!

Nursery Branch

Help your older children get excited about the new baby in the house by creating a craft together for the nursery. Enlist your kids to find a sturdy fallen tree branch (nothing too big or heavy, obviously), and allow them to help you decorate it. Cover the branch with pretty string, hang beautiful beads from it, hot-glue faux feathers, and add anything else you like. The result is stunning!

LEGO Storage Jars

Make fun storage jars for those millions of LEGO pieces. Instruct your kids to paint the jars yellow, then add smiley faces after the original paint dries. If they’d rather do something else, have them paint flowers, a swirl of colors, or whatever else appeals to them.

What are your favorite kid-friendly crafts?