6 Tips For Protecting Your Daughter’s Heart

Whether your daughter is an adolescent, tween, or teen, it is important to look after the most sensitive part of her: her heart. Being a woman in today’s world is hardly easy, making it very necessary to be the most positive influence in her life. Use the following tips to ensure your daughter grows up to be a strong, confident, fearless woman!

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Take Walks

Take regular walks with your daughter, whether around the neighborhood, at a nearby park, or anywhere else that promotes peace and revitalization. You will likely find some of your best talks occur when you are strolling along in the fresh air with open hearts and open minds. Just start walking and see where the journey takes you.

Give Her Small Gifts

While spoiling your daughter is hardly a good idea, giving her small gifts every now and then is perfectly wonderful. Such gifts let her know you are thinking of her and that you are speaking the language of love. A little chocolate, a new hair tie, a coupon to her favorite store…all of these things show her you care!

Schedule Special Time

Schedule special time between you and your daughter every week, even if it is only for half an hour or so. Your daughter will absolutely love that you make time for her on a regular basis, whether you go to a fancy cafe or simply spend the night watching a movie and gabbing through most of it.

Work Together

Enjoy the camaraderie that comes with preparing a meal, weeding the veggie garden, dusting the living room, etc. Use the time to catch up, laugh, and otherwise have a good time.

Encourage Her

Encourage your daughter in her endeavors, whatever they may be. Does she want to try out for the field hockey team? Is landing a big role in the school musical a dream? Does she want to become the top yearbook photographer, or volunteer at the local animal shelter? Support her passions, listen when she talks about her aspirations, and offer words of encouragement when she needs them most. She will not forget your words!

Seek Her Company

Don’t wait for your daughter to come to you time and time and time again. Yes, she may be a tween or a teen who thinks hanging with her mom is “uncool,” but she will still secretly thank you for making the effort. Ask her what’s going on in her life, even if you only talk for a few minutes. It is well worth the effort!

Whatever else, spend time with your daughter…and help her become a super-amazing woman!