7 Tips For Encouraging Your Toddler’s Speech Development

Help your toddler form excellent speech habits by putting the following tips into practice. Staying silent around your baby/toddler isn’t going to help anything–it doesn’t matter that the child cannot talk yet! Children absorb everything, and a house with chatty parents is definitely a great thing. With that being said, read on!

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Describe Everything

Describe anything and everything to your toddler, such as where you are, what you’re doing, what you can see, and where you’re going. Don’t forget to describe surroundings and all other things as your toddler might see them, as well as anything that interests the youngling.

Tell Stories

Encourage your toddler’s imagination with stories, no matter how simple. Tell a story about a person, an object, an event…you get the idea. Read fairy tales and other stories to your little ‘un as well. Try to read to the child every day if you can.

Ask Questions

Ask your toddler questions regardless of whether she can reply yet. Make sure you use the right inflection so the little shaver knows it’s a question. This will teach her that responses are appropriate and expected.

Stay Positive

Make speech fun! Harsh tones and monotone voices are not going to help your baby’s development.

Don’t Use Baby Talk

Avoid using baby talk. Children are much more aware of what’s happening than we think, even from an early age. Don’t dumb down your conversations with them–use simple language instead.

Make Gestures

Gesture when you talk. Non-verbal communication is just as important as its verbal counterpart in regards to a child’s understanding.


Remember to stop talking and give your toddler a chance to respond to you. Toddlers like to talk, even if it’s “bah-bah” and the like. They use inflections as though they were talking with real words, and it’s very wonderful and entertaining to watch!