When Kids Are Stuck Indoors: 8 Game/Activity Ideas

Are the kids confined to the house because the weather outside is seriously frightful? Rather than watching them slowly develop cabin fever, help them have fun indoors with one or a few “stuck inside” games. There’s plenty of games and activities to keep them busy for hours!


Balloon Tennis

Blow up a few balloons for balloon tennis or volleyball. Make racquets out of paper plates and plastic utensils, designate a play area, and let the kiddies have at it. This is a game that easily takes up entire afternoons while also wearing them out for early bedtimes.

Recycled Bottle Indoor Bowling

Clean and dry 12 plastic bottles, such as 20-ounce soda bottles, for indoor bowling fun. Use whatever lightweight balls you have lying about, and keep the same rules as regular bowling. Set the game up in your basement if possible…you won’t see your kids for hours!

Hide & Seek

Play classic indoor games, such as Hide and Seek! Take the game up another notch if desired by handing flashlights to the kids and turning off all the lights. Flashlight Hide and Seek is arguably even more fun than the original!

Cardboard Stair Slide

Make a “slide” out of durable cardboard and attach it to your stairs using duct or painter’s tape. Place a bunch of pillows at the bottom of the stairs, and make sure your kids wear their bike helmets while playing, er, sliding.

Super Mario Obstacle Course

Create a Super Mario Bros-style obstacle course so awesome you might want to play yourself! This game requires a bit more time and finesse, but is well worth the hours of fun it provides.

Mini Golf

Use tin cans to set up a mini golf course in your living room, basement, or anywhere else that provides enough space. Turn your entire ground floor into a mini golf course if desired to heighten the playing fun.

Cardboard Box Castle

Employ cardboard boxes to fashion towering castles. Use an online tutorial or your imagination.

Pillow Sack Races

Modify potato sack races by swapping the itchy bags for pillowcases. Use masking tape to create a racetrack and enjoy watching little ones jump their way to victory.

These and other indoor games/activities will make children completely forget that they’re stuck inside! Enjoy creating fun games for them and listening to their laughter.

What are your favorite indoor games for kids? Share them in the comments section!