5 Indoor Craft Ideas For Rainy Days

Is it a rainy summer day and your kids are getting stir-crazy? Rather than watching them quite literally bounce off the walls, find some fabulous crafts for them to work on. There’s lots of crafts and other fun activities kids can do indoors on a rainy day when there’s just no going outside. Check a few out and be prepared the next time the sky starts crying:

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Paper Plate Fish

Place a variety of colored paper plates in front of the kiddies and provide them with markers, craft foam pieces, beads, and anything else they can use to decorate and bedazzle their “fish.” Try the following tutorial and get to it!

Crepe Paper Maze

Give the kids crepe paper and tape and allow them to create mazes in (designated) areas of the home. Once the mazes are created, they’ll likely spend the next few hours trying to work their way through them without touching the “lasers” (paper).

Lacing Card Fun

Stock up on lacing/sewing cards and whip them out the next time a summer thunderstorm rolls through. Provide plenty of colorful string and twine, and allow them to create their own designs. Help the younglings punch holes through the edges of the cards, then let them “lace them up.” They’ll love giving cards they made to family and friends.

Cardboard Marble Maze

If your kids cannot get enough of mazes, try this activity. Use a cardboard box lid, such as the ones you use as litter boxes, and glue colorful straws to the bottom to make a maze. Add a marble to the mix and let the kids spend the next how long getting said marble through the maze in the fastest time.

Go a step further if desired and use the same idea with CD cases. These mazes are even more challenging because they’re within the cases…you’ll obviously need smaller balls and maze materials, such as pipe cleaners.

Pretzel Log Cabins

Have your kids create pretzel log cabins instead of gingerbread houses! Use small milk cartons for this project, as well as plenty of pretzel sticks and a few choice pieces of candy. For example, a Rolo makes a great little chimney. Pieces of gingerbread work well as doors and windows. If you want to keep the cabin edible, use syrup to attach the pretzels. Otherwise, use hot glue.

These are just some of the many ways to keep your kids entertained…and they don’t involve video games or the internet!