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A Day with a Difference is an interactive story that focuses on teaching children opposites. Each set of opposites are included as part of the story and reinforced in many ways. The story starts with the characters Mr. Small and Mr. Big. The characters journey through the story and encounter many situations that involve opposite pairs. Opposite pairs introduced in the story include same and different, more and less, and long and short. Opposite pairs are both verbally and visually reinforced at least three times. The app narrates the sentences and arrows point to the objects on the screen that identify the focus word. An interactive game then appears for children to practice identifying objects that fit the opposite word. The app narrates the question and children tap the answer they believe is correct. Questions may have children choose between two pictures or sort numerous items into the correct location.

A bonus game unlocks once the main story is completed. The bonus game reinforces all of the opposite pair words through an interactive card game that can be played as a one or two player game. Difficulty levels include easy, medium, and hard. The app narrates the opposite word and the player has to identify the card that fits the word.

The settings section on the main screen allows the user to turn the sound on or off, reset the game, which wipes progress and eliminates the bonus game until the main story is again completed, and allows the user to adjust the number of questions in the bonus game. A link to developer, Unit11, can also be found in the settings section.

This app does not contain links to social media sites or in-app purchases.

Bottom Line

A good app to teach and reinforce basic opposite pairs to younger children. Introduce your child to the comparatives (bigger, smaller etc) through this charming interactive story about Mr. Big and Mr. Small, two neighbours who, one day, have to call on each other for help. Your child will be required to assist during the story with tasks which will help them to understand the comparatives.

The app teaches your child the key comparatives that children are expected to learn in their first year of school. These include:

· Bigger and Smaller
· More and Less
· Same and Different
· Longer and Shorter

Throughout the story, your child will be introduced to the range of comparatives, and for each comparative they will be given the opportunity to practice what they have learned. Once they have completed the story, they can return to any of the practice parts again.

Then parents can configure how many questions they would like their child to answer, and the criteria for success. If required, the sound can be turned off so that the story can also be read by your child.

In addition, you are provided with a specially designed single or multi player game, which tests the child’s ability to use the comparatives they have just learnt. The game can be played against the iPad, by two children or by a parent and a child.

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