A.I. Toys for Kids: 4 of the Best Smart Robots

AI Smart Robot Toys – Top Picks

Over the past few years I have noticed an emerging trend that I had a feeling would take the world of toys by storm – and it looks like this year it has. AI toys (toys with artificial intelligence, i.e., those toys that are able to notice and respond to human behavior, and sometimes emulate it and express personality and emotion) are making it big this year. REALLY big.

These “smart” toys with their own unique personalities are really pretty amazing – so while I normally do not hover too long over one type of toy in particular, this is an exception. Over the 2016 holiday season I have learned quite a bit about them, and it’s time to share what I know.

So let’s take a look at which are the best A.I. toys for kids of all ages (that both boys and girls seem to love – many adults love them too), which are the most popular and highly rated – and I will give you some tips on where to buy them along the way.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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The Best A.I. Robot for 2017 – Cozmo


Recommended ages: For kids age 8 and up

This little guy is brimming with cuteness, and will steal kids’ hearts everywhere – probably yours too. He is not only adorable (reminiscent of Disney Pixar’s “Wally”), but he is quite intelligent. Cozmo has quite a personality all his own, and once he gets to know you he becomes even more interesting.

Shopping tips: Cozmo is available in a number of places online. Just above you can find him at Amazon, but he is also available at Toys R Us, Walmart and you might also want to take a look at auctions happening now on eBay.

Here is a video of the Cozmo AI robot – check him out:

Meccano MeccaNoid G15 A.I. Buildable Robot


Recommended ages: For kids age 8 to 13 years old

Dare I call the MaccaNoid G15 a “toy?” Well, given the fact that kids love this build-able and transform-able A.I. robot, and given the fact that it won the 2016 “Toy of the Year” award, I suppose so. This guy falls into the “STEM” toy category, challenging kids to come up with creative ideas – and also giving quite a bit of hands-on experience with robotics and design.

A wonderful pick among AI robot toys for kids this year – and pretty amazing to see in action. (Note: This robot comes in two different versions – the G15 (shown above), as well as the G15KS.)

Shopping tips: The best places that I found to buy it were Amazon (above), as well as at Kohls.com in the online toy section, or at ToysRUs.com.

Here is a video for the Meccano MeccaNoid G15:


WowWee MiP AI Robot


Recommended ages: For kids age 8 to 15 years old

I have seen this toy around for quite a while now, and he is still on the “hot list” of toys for kids this year. The MiP’s specialty seems to be responding to gestures, he also is able to perceive sounds and react to them as well. More than a few tricks up this guy’s sleeve, and he’s getting some great overall reviews with high average star rating. Connect him up with your smart devices, and find out what else he can do.

Shopping tips: The price on the MiP seems to vary quite a bit from store to store, and the (safe and trusted) sites where I found the best deals include @ Amazon.com ToysRUs.com, Target.com and at BestBuy.com.

Wonder Workshop Dash Smart Robot


Recommended ages: For kids age 8 years old and up

A multiple award winner, Dash is known as being one of the top STEM toys for this year. He not only responds to people, but to the world around him – and the possibilities for what he can do are practically endless, and are based on what children program him to do.

Like a number of other AI robot toys, he hooks up with smart devices. Another truly amazing “toy” that I practically cringe at calling a toy but it is beyond fun. ?

Shopping tips: The best deal that I found on Dash (at this writing) is on Amazon.com. I found him at comparable prices (but a bit higher) at Target.com and at ToysRUs.com.

Here is a video to show you a bit more about the Dash robot, as well as his buddy, Dot.

More A.I. and Smart Toys for Kids

There are definitely more “smart” toys released this year (and returning from last year) that you might also want to check out. They include toys for kids as young as toddlers all the way up to teens. Here are a few more suggestions for kids who would love different types of responsive, life-like toys:


There is a very nice lineup – my guess is that next year will bring in even more of a lineup of wonderful A.I. toys for kids – including robots, pets, and many more different types of interactive “smart” toys with personalities of their own. I am planning on updating this page as time goes by – so stay tuned! ?