7 Academic Hacks To Make Life Easier For Your Kids

Help your kiddies do their best in school by suggesting a few outstanding “hacks.” They help children improve their information retention abilities, ensure their hard work is saved, keep their brains stimulated, and more good stuff. Read on:

Google Translate Help

Suggest that after writing a paper, your kids copy and paste it into Google Translate. The tool allows them to listen to their work and correct mistakes. Think of it as the digital-age way to read work out loud.

Download PhotoMath

Let your kids download the app PhotoMath (assuming they have phones, of course) to make math easier. The app lets them capture images of math problems and goes over each step to solve them. It’s a great way to help younglings struggling with this subject!

Inhale Peppermint

Put some peppermint oil on a napkin or tissue and let your little ones breathe deep. Peppermint is believed to stimulate the brain and enhance concentration abilities.


Encourage your kids to pretend they are teachers! Pretending to teach the homework they are working on helps them pay more attention and absorb the information.

10-Minute Breaks

Emphasize study breaks to your kids. Have them study for 30 to 50 minutes at a time, then take 10-minute breaks. They can walk around the block, watch a funny video, play with the dog, etc. Many studies show taking short breaks during study sessions is much more effective than trying to “cram.”


Give your kids bits of chocolate while they’re studying! They will love it. Studies indicate chocolate helps the brain retain information. If you are concerned about feeding them chocolate all the time, opt for dark chocolate. It contains antioxidants and is otherwise much healthier than milk chocolate.

Writing It Out

Stress the importance of writing as a study tool. Writing out a fact is the equivalent of reading it seven times!