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Bring the fun of Adding Apples HD to your iPad for a sharper, more brilliant learning experience.

In partnership with the family friendly app collaborative Moms With Apps, app developer Operatio brings a revamped version of their Adding Apples HD app to the iPad.

Practicing addition is not the most enjoyable task your child has to do in the name of education. Thanks to apps like Adding Apples HD, those boring practice sessions just got more fun.

How To Play

Adding Apples HD puts your child in a learning environment with numbers one through nine. All they have to do is tap a number, the app repeats it out loud then drops the same number of apples into a bin at the top of the screen.

When your child taps a second number, the corresponding amount of those fun fruit come tumbling down into the same bin. Then it’s time to see how many have collected in the app’s interactive fruit bin. It’s that simple.

Positive Reinforcement

Each time your child gets an addition problem correct, a shower of golden coins tumble into the bin as a reward. The app also praises them for their hard work.

Additional positive reinforcement can be found in the app’s history by tapping on the piggy bank icon. There your child will receive trophies to reward him for completing 25, 50 or 100 problems correctly. So the more she practices addition, the more rewards she will receive.

iPad Adaptation

Unlike the iPhone version of the Adding Apples HD app, the specialized iPad version has sharper graphics tailored to fit the larger screen perfectly. The random patterned background area is gone, and your child gets to make full use of the large learning space without straining their eyes.


Adding Apples HD is an iPad-specific addition practice app that is a lot of fun, with a special focus on positive reinforcement.

Adding Apples is a fun learning experience with appealing and interactive 3D graphics. This new software is highly intuitive and with many elements to explore, discover and learn! The natural and logical interaction will help your child to develop a solid understanding of basic mathematics.

✔ Solve math addition from 1+1 right up to 9+9
✔ Count from 1 to 18, both visually and verbally (US English)

( For variation and to make sure all numbers are used and in different combinations, current keys are marked as done on correct additions. When all keys are marked they will reset )

✔ Interacting with the apples (real 3D physics)
✔ Interacting with the earned gold coins (real 3D physics)
✔ Seeing how Wormy reacts to various user input
✔ Exploring appealing animations and sounds
✔ Receiving a Gold coin for each correct answer
✔ Collecting Gold coins, and working towards 3 different trophies
✔ Seeing statistics on your collected gold coins and apples