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The Alana Banana Show is a combination of real-life actors, puppets, and animation designed to spark kids’ imagination and help them learn basic skills. Through the Alana Banana app, kids can watch episodes of The Alana Banana Show, play music with Alana Banana, color pictures of characters from the show, and play fun memory games. The high-quality app, featuring an extremely fun show, is a great app to add to you collection. It’s perfect for children ages 2 to 5.

Features include:

  • Watch episodes of the Alana Banana Show
  • Color fun coloring pages
  • Play themed memory games
  • Learn popular children’s songs


Alana Banana is a high-quality, fun app for kids. All of the content contained within the app is organized into categories on the main screen: videos, music, coloring, and memory. If kids aren’t sure what to do in the music, coloring, or memory portions of the app, they can click on a question mark to view a helpful animation to get them started. In the videos section, all of the videos of The Alana Banana Show are well-organized. They display clearly in the app’s video player. The app is also full of bright colors and fun background music (which can be turned off through the sound icon on every screen) that make it very appealing to kids.


Much of the educational content in the Alana Banana app comes from the videos of The Alana Banana Show. During the different episodes of the show, kids can go on adventures with Alana Banana and her puppet friends. They’ll learn basic concepts, such as fast and slow. The show also talks about different topics through the Letters to Grandma segment, where Grandma Phone answers kids’ questions. Many of the videos are labeled by topic, so kids and parents can look for topics that interest them. For example, kids may want to watch the video about farm animals or listen to Alana Banana read the book Humble Bumble.


There are plenty of activities within the app designed to entertain kids. Kids can color pictures of Alana Banana and her friends. They can play memory games that feature themes such as space, farm, dog, dinosaur, and silly. Kids can also play songs along with Alana Banana, tapping the notes on the piano as they appear, or making up their own tunes with piano, guitar, or silly monkey sounds. The highlight of the app, however, is the videos of The Alana Banana Show which feature a mix of puppets, animation, and real-life characters and settings to provide kids with plenty of entertainment.


Given the large amount of content contained within the app, Alana Banana is a great value. With the free version, kids can access many videos of The Alana Banana Show, play a memory game, make music, and color pictures. Downloading the full version of the app simply gives kids more of the same content. If kids decide they like Alana Banana and her friends, which there’s no doubt most will, then parents should download the full version of the app.

Child Friendliness

A protected parent are provides parents with additional information about the app. This area also allows them to purchase the full version of the app, and directs them to additional apps for download. The app itself is free from ads and “more apps” information.. In the coloring book section, kids can give the app access to the photos so they can save their creations. Parents who don’t want their device’s photo library full of coloring pages may want to go into the app and disable access to photos before letting children play.

  • Protected parent area
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO more apps
Alana Banana
Alana Banana
Sing fun songs, laugh at silly puppets, and go on tons of adventures with the Alana Banana app.
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