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  • Animals 360 Gold
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Get a close up view of animals and their habitats as you enjoy the four different modes of play.

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Get a close up view of animals in their natural habitats. Four different modes of play allow kids to interact with a large collection of animals. Have you always wondered what a badger sounds like? Scroll through the photos until you find the badger, and then tap to hear his sound. Take a tour of multiple habitats too, tapping on the animals you find to hear their sounds as well. Once you become acquainted with the animals, take a quiz that sees how well you can identify animals by their sounds or put the animal photos back together in a challenging puzzle game.

Features include:

  • Four different modes of play
  • High-quality animal photos
  • Accurate animal sounds
  • More than 7 habitat tours


At first glance, you may not realize Animals 360 Gold has a lot to offer. Its main screen lacks a bit of pizzazz. However, once you start to interact with the four different modes of the app, you realize that the first glance was deceiving. While it could be a bit more polished and provide a few more instructions to alert kids to all it has to offer, it still offers high quality content. For example, the pictures of the animals are crystal clear and rather than using generic animal sounds, it uses clear recordings of how the animals really sound in the wild.


At nearly every level of the game, kids can learn something new. In the photos section, kids can scroll through animal photos to hear each animal’s sound and read a bit of basic background information on the animal, including the common name, scientific name, key features, diet, habitat, and curiosities. While taking a tour, kids can explore 7 different habitats and hear the sounds of the animals who live there. Unfortunately, the habitats are not labeled, so kids must figure out on their one habitat all of the animals live in.


The ability to hear realistic animal sounds will be enough to entertain most kids, particularly younger ones. However, older kids will also be entertained by putting the animal photos back together in the puzzle game, even though getting some of the pieces in the right place can be a challenge. They will also be amused by the animal quiz which tests their knowledge of animals simply by hearing the animal sound.


With four different modes of play, seven different tours, and over 100 animal photographs and sounds, Animals 360 Gold has a lot to offer. Despite its lack of polish, it still lives up to its price tag.

Child Friendliness

A directions screen instructs kids to swipe up and down to see other photos of an animal, left to right to see photos of other animals, and to shake the device to play an animal sound. Beyond that, few instructions exist. As a result, kids may miss some of the features. Thankfully, even when kids tap around to try to discover more features, everything they find will be designed with them in mind. There are no parent screens, ads, or other content kids should not see.

Get a close up view of animals and their habitats as you enjoy the four different modes of play.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars