Apps To Get You Up In The Morning

Many people have made New Year’s Resolutions to exercise more, become more organized, or find more time for themselves. One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to get up earlier in the morning. Believe me, I know how extremely hard that is. A few months ago I began the habit of waking up 15 minutes before having to get my kids up. Over several weeks of getting up a little earlier than the previous week, I got to the point where I now wake up one and a half hours before the kiddos, and I don’t even think twice about it. The amount of things I can get done in that time frame is amazing. I can have the dishwasher empty, laundry washed and put away, the house picked up, myself ready to go, breakfast made, a couple blog posts written, some exercise in, dinner planned and even prepped, and still have a decent time to sit and read or watch a little television. By the time I wake my kids, I am feeling accomplished and happy. And that sets a good tone for not only my day, but for my kids too. I have experimented with a variety of apps to help me rise, and I am sharing my top 5 with you.

Voice Snooze Alarm
Most mornings I can pop right out of bed and start my day, but I still have those days where I just cannot get up, and cannot even seem to muster the energy to hit snooze on my phone. This app allows you to speak to your phone instead of pressing any buttons. You can tell it to “snooze” or even ask what time it is. However, when it reaches the snooze time limit, you can’t shout at it anymore. It will be sure to get you up on time! I will admit that I use this most during the winter months when it’s really cold out. I love that I can control my phone without getting out of my warm cocoon any sooner than I have to.

Spinme Alarm Clock
Do you have to set multiple alarms a few minutes apart in order to get up? If so, this app might be the one for you. Once the alarm goes off, the only way to turn it off is to get out of bed and spin yourself around until it stops. I’ve tried spinning my phone while lying in bed to get the alarm to stop ringing, and it doesn’t work. You have to physically get up and spin. No cheating allowed.

Sleep Cycle
There were many mornings that I would wake up feeling like I just laid my head down. I would then walk around like a zombie all day, feeling tired and lethargic. Sleep Cycle put an end to that. You just set your alarm and place your phone under your pillow. The devices accelerometer tracks your movement while you sleep. It wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase. You rise feeling well rested and energized. It also tracks when and for how long you were in different phases of sleep. I used to fall asleep watching television, and the app showed I wasn’t dozing off until almost midnight, and then would have a restless night of sleep. I started reading a book before bed instead, and I began getting more sleep and better quality.

I Can’t Wake Up
I really really love this alarm clock app. You are not able to turn the alarm off until you complete up to eight different Wake Up Tasks. By the time you have these completed, you are wide awake and ready to go. There is a great variety of tasks to complete. Anything from math problems and matching games, to shaking your phone or scanning a barcode somewhere in your home. This is a fun app that really gets you going. It’s almost impossible to crawl back into bed after completing the required tasks.

Alarm Clock Plus
This app is more than just your basic alarm clock. You can set multiple alarms for whatever occasion you need. The music alarm plays a song from your phone, while the Nap Alarm is a quick, one-time alarm. You can also set a Math Alarm, which requires you to solve a problem before turning it off. Sometimes you need something new each day to get you up and this app delivers that.