How Can You Have Tons Of Fun At A Baby Shower Diaper Raffle?

How Can You Have Tons Of Fun At The Baby Shower Diaper Raffle?

Baby showers are celebrated by many modern families as a way for friends and relatives to welcome the unborn child. Aside from that, the baby shower is also a way for people to show their love and support for the mother or for the parents. Family and friends do this through their presence and through gifts.

Since a lot of people are coming to the baby shower, preparing food and drinks for everyone is a must. It is also customary for the couple to entertain everyone through fun games and activities so that everyone will be entertained. One of the best ways to do it is for the mom to hold a baby shower diaper raffle.

The goal of this article is to help the parents set up a fun and exciting diaper raffle by giving you the right information and by giving you a few unique ideas that you can try. I want you to have tons of fun during this occasion so you can have a reprieve from all the things you need to worry about during childbirth.


What Is A Baby Shower Diaper Raffle?

This door prize game is actually a multipurpose activity. It is meant to help the mother get a lot of diapers for the baby, and it is also done to keep the guests excited and entertained. In order for guests to have a raffle coupon, they must bring diapers for the baby.

As soon as all the guests have arrived, and as soon as all the coupons have been given away, the host of the baby shower can let the raffle draw commence. The couple can put up a wide array of items as prizes for the raffle, allowing the couple to also give back to some of their guests.

Although some may think that this activity is too tacky, or that this activity might make you look like you are asking too much from your guests, you should see the practicality behind it. Since the game will help you save money from diapers, you can actually buy slightly expensive prizes to entice guests to join.

3 Easy Steps To Set Up The Baby Shower Diaper Raffle

First of all, you need to tell your guests about the diaper raffle in the invitation. This will let them know beforehand to bring diapers should they want to join the raffle during the event. You can actually set your own rules for the raffle draw, you can even let them know what prizes are at stake.

The next step would be to give coupons to guests who brings diapers during the occasion. During the shower, you need to collect all the coupons, and you need to let everyone know that the raffle draw is taking place so that everyone will be able to get their coupon stubs ready.

Lastly, as soon as everyone is ready, you can then get the raffle draw started. You should start with giving away the consolation prizes first, and you should save the grand prize for last so that everyone will be in much anticipation over who will be the big winner!

How Can You Make The Diaper Raffle More Fun And Exciting?

If you want to keep your guests happy, then you should make sure that the diaper raffle is unique and full of entertainment. This will allow you to make the raffle draw one of the highlights of the evening. Some wonderful ideas that you should try to incorporate in your diaper raffle are as follows:

  • Make sure that your coupons look awesome. This will make your guests wait in anticipation for the actual raffle simply because you took the time to take care of the minor details.
  • You can also add unique poems on the raffle coupons to add a lighthearted or fun flair.
  • You can make sure that no one is left out by opening the raffle even to those who were not able to buy diapers. You can allow your guests to by a raffle coupon for a dollar so everyone can participate.
  • You should also make sure that the prizes that you have for the winners are focused more on the participants. You need to think about what they want so that they will be more excited to participate. You can use skincare products for example, if you have a lot of female friends.
  • You can also use items in your household which are not “baby-friendly” as one of your prizes.
  • Do not be afraid to include prizes like small appliances, gift certificates, and even day passes to salons. This is because the diapers that you will get can help you save a lot of money. You should also consider the fact that the raffle draw is not meant just to benefit you, but to entertain your guests as well.
  • Try to incorporate segments in between each draw. You can ask people to do intermission numbers, you can ask friends to dance or sing, and you can even play mini games before each draw.


If you want to have tons of fun at the baby shower diaper raffle, you need to think outside the box and you should never be afraid to try new things. The fact that only close friends and relatives are usually invited to baby showers will give you an edge when it comes to creating a fun and enjoyable event.

The people who are invited to baby showers usually bring gifts without being asked, this is why you should never use the diaper raffle to take advantage of their kindness further. Instead, you should use this activity to benefit your guests, to show your appreciation, and to entertain everyone.