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Bam! Jr. is multi-player game app for kids. It is obvious that this game was designed with kids in mind; the app even contains an in-app disclaimer about possible damage to your device if the kids get a little too excited while playing the game! Bam! Jr. has a very simple and easy to use interface and it does have an in-app “how it works” section.

The basic concept of the game is for each player to choose a color, and then press go. The app quickly flips through the colors and the user must tap the screen when they see their color appear before the time runs out. The amount of time the color stays on the screen decreases as the levels increase. If you miss your color, you are out of the game.

The game can be played with up to eight players, though I’m not sure how more than four would play at a time around an iPad. This is a universal app, but I can’t imagine eight people around an iPod/iPhone. It would be nice if one player could play the computer, but you must choose two colors before you can start the game. At our house, when one person wanted to play, we chose two colors and they could watch for both or just one. This was the best method for playing on the iPod.

There are sounds, including background giggles, throughout the app, but no in-app options for controlling them. You will need to use your device volume controls to either mute them or turn them down. An in-app option to mute the sounds would be nice.

High scores are tracked by the app, but only by date and time, not by player or color.

Bottom line

Bam! Jr. is a family-friendly game sure to get the kids riled up! This is not a game to be played quietly.
Imagine up to 8 little friends all playing BAM! jr on 1 device, Fun and mayhem!

BAM! jr Is an “award winning” fun game to play with friends and family. With BAM! we introduce the first family game you can play with up to 8 players on one device. BAM! jr can be played on phones and tablets.

How it works:
When every little player has picked his or her image press GO! All images have there own funny sound.
Now the images will rotate on your display. When you see your image, tap your playing device. The rotation-speed of the images will increase with every round. If you missed your image you are out of the game, There will only be one winner.

The app is avalible on the Appstore and Adroid Market. Regular Price: 0.99