Dino Puzzle HD - free app to try

Dino Puzzle HD – Vertra Animation Studios

Rating: 5 out of 5 (excellent)
Buy it? Yes
Try it? Yes
iPhone / iPod app: n/a
iPad app: free app / $1.99 to upgrade to full app
Universal app: n/a

Dino Puzzle HD - Vertra Animation Studios
This is a great little app that layers puzzles through the different stages of being a dinosaurs from egg to fully grown – and scary. It took my 4 year old a couple of minutes to get a hang of it as the puzzles are nested so you can see the layer below, but once he got the hang of it he loved it.

This starts off as a free iPad app with 3 dinosaurs to play with. Within about 5 minutes we had upgraded and it was worth it.

Unfortunately, this app gets a 2 star rating in the store and I have no doubt that it’s from the backlash against “free apps” when you’re not given enough “free stuff” and/or you have the option to buy the upgrade. It’s not a perfect system, since it is infinitely easier to give a bad review as you are uninstalling an app, but you have to leave the app – once you’ve just opened it – to review it if you do like it and that’s a pain.

Bottomline, this is a 5 star app and I highly recommend this great looking app especially for the preschool set who likes puzzles and/or dinosaurs.