Best Math Apps for 3rd Grade [Updated for 2020]

Learn math skills in new and interesting ways

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Math Apps for 3rd Grade So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Third graders are well on their way to learning important concepts in math. They should be really comfortable with addition and subtraction, from the basic facts through adding and subtracting larger numbers.

Third grade is when they will be introduced to multiplication. It’s also when they start working with fractions, time, money, place value, and measurement in earnest. That’s a LOT to cover, so help your child get extra practice with these fun apps!

Free Math Apps

Math Ninja HD Free!

Razeware LLC – Free

Math Ninja HD FreeGot a third grader who has been bitten by the castle-defense bug? Here is a great little app that will feed that need while providing customizable computation practice at the same time. Players will be so engaged with the crazy storyline that they won’t even notice the math part.

After all, who can resist a story about the ever-hungry Tomato-San? Kids will be so busy working on unlocking achievements and power-ups that they won’t mind doing a little math along the way.

Best of all, parents can toggle or untoggle specific operations and even set number ranges to control the level of difficulty. There is a full version of this app at Math Ninja iOS that costs $1.99 with more levels and more features.

iOS App Store

Common Core Math 3rd Grade: Practice Tests, Prep

Varsity Tutors, LLC – Free

If you are looking for formal math practice and even instruction, look no farther. Common Core Math 3rd Grade offers an array of tools to help your student conquer third grade math challenges. There are flashcards, diagnostic tests, and more here that will help you get to the bottom of math struggles.

The app covers concepts related to multiplication, fractions, finding the area of two-dimensional shapes, and even angle measurement. All are keyed to Common Core standards and will be precisely what your third grader is working on at school.

Google Play  / iOS App Store


Math Training for Kids

DIVMOB Kid – Free

Math Training for KidsHere is a fabulous app for Android that will give your kids loads of practice on their basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for free. The app has a pleasant, arcade-style feel, so kids will stay engaged, and it offers practices that will grow with them.

Math Training for Kids is completely free, but parents should be aware that there are in-app advertisements and pop-ups. Users report that the ads seem to be family-appropriate, but you may want to monitor to assure yourself that they are all right for your children.

Google Play

Kids Math

Mobiloids – Free

Kids MathKids Math has 3 different games that will challenge third grade math skills in many ways. Skills covered include many levels of computation, math fact mastery, fractions, and greater than/less than problems. Play through the levels and improve math skills in many different ways.

This app does run advertisements between levels of play, but the developer assures parents that they have blocked all that might be inappropriate. All in all, it’s a great way to brush up on computation, build speed on math facts and doing mental math, and also to review other types of basic math such as fractions.

Google Play

Interactive Telling Time

GiggleUp Kids Apps and Educational Games Pty Ltd – Free

Interactive Telling TimeThird grade is the time when kids are learning the finer points of telling time, like using analog and digital clocks, understanding how to tell time to the minute, and learning about elapsed time.

This app offers five different levels of time activities, so it will be easy to find just the right one. The game is self-paced and designed for young learners. It keeps records of student performance and progress, as well.

iOS App Store


Reflex Student

ExploreLearning – Free

Reflex StudentHere’s a great opportunity wrapped up in a free app. Third graders can use it to gain speed and fluency on math facts. The app automatically adjusts to the child’s skill level so that it is neither too easy nor too difficult. The activities are engaging and fun, so children will actually WANT to practice math.

The app is quite “gamified” and players can unlock features, use credits to “shop” in the store, and much more. And all of the practice will help them out in the real world as they improve their performance in school math, as well. The game is perfect for kids from grades 2-8.

iOS App Store


Topical Math Apps

Third graders can learn about time and money from apps, as well as math facts.

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Whole Number Riddles

Math Galaxy – $4.99

Whole Number RiddlesIf there’s one thing that third graders adore, it’s solving riddles. In fact, the goofier, the better at this age. This app pairs solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division challenges with answering riddles, and kids will literally practice for hours.

Each computation is paired with a letter from the answer. The app can be used by one person or two can play competitively.

Best of all, there are over 500 riddles that appear randomly, so the chances of seeing duplicates is pretty small. In addition to the four basic operations, the app also includes options to practice operations with measurement, time, and money.

iOS App Store

600+ Math Word Problems (Lite) – Free with in-app purchases

600+ Math WordIf your third grader is like most, a bit of extra practice with word problems is probably a good idea. This app offers word problems ranging from grade 1 to grade 6 concepts, so it’s perfect to grow with your child.

Concepts covered include all four operations, problems with unnecessary details, geometry, and more. 

The Lite version of the app includes access to the first two groups of each type of problem. The Pro version opens up the entire collection plus access to new problems on a regular basis.

Google Play


Number Pieces Basic, by MLC

Clarity Innovations – Free

Number PiecesThird graders will develop a clear understanding of how numbers “work” using this app that puts virtually manipulative place value blocks into their hands. Place value is the collection of concepts that lets us understand the size and meaning of a number, and it’s a big part of the third grade math curriculum.

Kids will be making groups of tens, creating arrays, and much more as they use the virtual blocks to help them solve problems. The app is well designed, and includes ways to distinguish groups by color and by shape.

iOS App Store


Crazy Times Tables

Madebyeducators – $2.99 on iOS/free with in-app purchases on Android

Crazy Times TablesOne of the most important math skills that children in third grade need to master is speed and fluency with multiplication facts. Crazy Times Tables infuses fun into the necessary drill and practice and kids learn best when they are having fun.

This app is designed to meet your student where he or she is with the process, and then move them forward to mastery. This means that the questions are never too easy or too challenging, but at just the right level.


Google Play  / iOS App Store

Spike Math

Nicholas Lehovetzki – Free with in-app purchases

Spike MathIf your child is itching to play video games and you are wanting him or her to practice math, this app might have the answer. It’s arcade-style fun that is centered around basic math facts.

Collect the ducks and earn bonuses, and it’s all in good fun. The app even connects to the Game Center so your math student can compete with friends and family for high scores.

The in-app purchase opens up the option to choose the operation for the math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) for ninety-nine cents, which is a good price. It’s a great way to provide fun and engaging practice with basic math facts.

iOS App Store

Math Puppy

Kids Games Club by TabTale – Free with in-app purchases

Math PuppyBuild math skills with five different modes: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and all in one. There are three well-designed levels, beginner to advanced. It also includes two types of games, a Bingo with cute puppies and a tap-the-answer game.

The app is free to download, but certain features must be activated by making an in-app purchase of the full version. The in-app purchase costs $3.99.

iOS App Store


Pattern Blocks Manipulative

Brainingcamp, LLC – $1.99

Pattern Blocks ManipulativePattern Blocks Manipulative brings the power of a standard classroom tool to your phone or tablet. Teachers have used the wooden version of these blocks for decades (or more!) to teach geometric concepts such as symmetry and congruence as well as important ideas about fractions. And now your child can have the same experience virtually! 

Developers have worked hard to duplicate the experience kids have with wooden pattern blocks out in the real world, so they can flip and rotate, combine and more with the tap of the screen. While they manipulate the virtual blocks, they can learn about equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting with fractions, and other important third grade math ideas.

And best of all, the block activities can grow with them. For later grades, the app is great for teaching about ratios, tesselations, and many other middle and even high school concepts.

iOS App Store

Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game

Peaksel – Free with in-app purchases

Math FightYour third grader needs to build speed and accuracy with basic math facts, and this app will bring out the competitive streak. This game is for two players, and the goal is to solve the math facts faster and better than your opponent. The full game includes all four operations and actually can make learning math facts fun.

With a whopping 4.5 star user rating, teachers have high praises for this app. The one drawback noticed by families is that there isn’t a way for children at different learning levels to play together.

But otherwise, it’s a major fun-maker for kids who need to learn math facts. Download the free version, then unlock all operations with a $1.99 in-app purchase.

iOS App Store

Chicken Coop Fraction Games

Lumpty Learning – Free with in-app purchases

Chicken Coop Fraction GamesAdd some fun to third grade fraction action with this cool game. It includes five different fraction games, all chicken-themed and some available through in-app purchases. Kids will practice equivalent fractions, estimating fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and more.

It’s hard to miss with its silliness and third graders adore comedy. For example, simplify fractions with a game called “Simply-Frying Fractions.” It’s all fun and games until a rotten egg or a bad pun goes splat across the screen.

iOS App Store


All-Purpose Math Apps

MyBlee Math

MyBlee – Free with in-app purchases

myBlee MathThis math app has something for everyone and is absolutely perfect for siblings or for kids who have uneven development of their math skills. It covers skills from kindergarten through grade 6.

It goes way beyond the basic math operations and even beyond the common parts of math like time and money. Kids will get a chance to work with graphs, number lines, volume and mass, geometry, word problems, and more.

MyBlee offers a whole curriculum in math at your fingertips. The free version allows ten minutes of play per week, but that won’t be enough. You’ll want to become a subscriber so kids can play as much as they like. Two plans are available: $19.99 per month or $119.99 per year. Parents can also purchase access to specific subject matter for $1.99 per area.

iOS App Store

Learnia: Spelling & Math Tutor

Learnia Inc. – Free

LearniaLearnia’s 3-D world puts third graders right in the middle of learning. The app covers Common Core topics for grades 1-3, and kids are in charge of their learning. There are lessons and practice activities galore.

This app is beautifully crafted and thoroughly enjoyable. It has a playful feel and will keep kids engaged as they learn.

Google Play  / iOS App Store



Marble Math Junior

Artgig Studio – $3.99

Marble Math JuniorMove the marble through the maze to find answers and avoid obstacles in this unique math practice game. Players tilt the device to control the ball and make their way through the maze. Correct answers help players earn more balls and have even more fun.

Concepts range from basic geometry to computation and math facts, fractions, money, time, and more. Best of all, parents and teachers can customize the game to focus on just the skills needed right then by third graders.

Google Play  / iOS App Store

Third Grade Math Apps for Kids

Study Pad, Inc. – Free with in-app purchases

3rd Grade Math Games for KidsThird Grade Math Apps for Kids offers a wide selection of practice activities that are perfect for kids in grade 3. It covers the usual assortment of computation exercises, but also includes grade-level place value, measurement, time, money, number sense, geometry, and more. The activities are engaging and helpful.

The app is free to install, and there is a short trial period where families can see if it’s a good fit. After that, you must choose a subscription plan. You can sign up for a single grade level for $9.99 per year, or there are options for multiple grade levels ranging up to $29.99 for five grade levels, or the entire program with unlimited access for $49.99. This flexibility of levels makes it nearly perfect for families with multiple children.

iOS App Store

Math Champions – Mental Math

Nicholas Lehovetzki – $1.99

Math ChampionsMath Champions includes 10 great games that cover not only the basics of computation in all four operations (which third graders need to master) but also a selection of mental math skills that kids will find invaluable. They can learn about symmetry, inequalities, fractions, and more.

Best of all, the app encourages “number sense,” which is the overall mental grasp of the way math works. It’s foundational and very important for third graders to gain these skills.

Math Champions is a fine app for family use – it can keep track of several different players at the same time. There is a free version if you’d like to try it out. Math Champions-Lite includes two games as a trial, and you can upgrade to the full program with an in-app purchase.

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