Best Math Apps for 4th Grade

Fourth grade math skills are getting more abstract, so it’s no wonder that kids need all of the practice they can get. They should be well on the way to memorizing the 100 basic math facts in all four operations, solving them quickly and accurately. Kids also will be working with fractions and decimals in grade 4, as well as gaining skill with place value. And of course, word problems play a big role in fourth grade math.

Here are some of the best of the best that will help your fourth grader stay up to grade level or fill in missing skills.

Apps to Practice Math for Free

Khan Academy

Khan AcademyKhan Academy – Free

Now your fourth grader can access all of the tools, lessons, practice, and resources on Khan Academy on their tablet or phone! Khan Academy is one of the premier learning platforms, offering tutorials, classes, practice activities and sets, and more across nearly all subject areas and all age groups. It’s perfect for providing extra practice on whatever math skills are troubling your student.

Khan Academy activities have been developed with care by educational and age level experts. It’s like having your own personal tutor on your device! And best of all, the entire program is free, not just for a short trial period, but forever and always.

iOS App Store / Google Play

Math Tappers: Equivalents

MathTappersTim Pelton – Free

This matching app will help your fourth grader learn to mentally shift between fractions, decimals, and percents. It’s great for making sure they truly have internalized how to work with these tricky concepts. Players are challenged to find sets of matching tiles from the group displayed.

The app optionally provides a number line, a hundredths chart, or a pie chart to support the conversions. All this practice will help your students memorize the cardinal equivalencies, such as 50% equals ½ or 0.5.

iOS App Store

Help your fourth grader get on target in math with apps like these.

Math Ninja HD Free!

Math Ninja HD Free! Razeware LLC – Free

Chances are very good that if your fourth grader needs to practice math facts, this app will make the process a whole lot more fun. This castle-defense-style strategy game relies on quick and accurate answers to move forward through the game’s challenges. Building speed and accuracy are crucial to success in math from now through high school and beyond, so give your fourth grader an excuse to practice!

Math Ninja HD Free! allows users to single out operations and even number ranges to focus practice right where it is needed and will be most effective. The free version will get the job done, but the paid version adds new weapons options and other features that will make it even more likely that your fourth grader will spend the time it takes to get good at this basic skill.

iOS App Store

Kids Math

Kids MathMobiliods – Free

Kids Math not only will help your child master those all-important basic math fact combinations, but this app also challenges fourth graders to use mental math. Sharpening mental math skills are more and more important as children go deeper into the subject because they rely so much on number sense to ensure they are on the right track to an answer. Don’t let them be left behind! Try this app to build those all-important mental math skills as well as fluency on the math facts in all four operations. In addition, your fourth grader can practice fractions and comparison problems.

The app does run advertisements between levels of play, but developers say they screen these to make sure that inappropriate ads (such as for gambling, politics, or religion) are blocked from their young users.

Google Play

Fractions by Brainingcamp

Fractions - by Brainingcamp Brainingcamp LLC – Free

This great fractions app runs from the basics of “what is a fraction” all the way through operations with fractions. It uses video lessons to deliver the content, then provides interactive games and activities to help kids practice. It’s the perfect answer if your fourth grader needs some extra help or a bit of additional practice.

Fractions by Brainingcamp offers great lessons that make abstract concepts more concrete. It features a virtual manipulative system to help students learn in a hands-on fashion. It’s also wonderful because it aligns with state and Common Core standards in the subject.

iOS App Store

Apps for Basic Operations

Quick Math – Multiplication Table & Arithmetic Game

Quick MathShiny Things – $1.99

Here’s a math app that recognizes handwriting, providing a similar experience with computation as many children still have in the classroom. The app includes practice activities for all four operations, as well as mixed operations where fourth graders will need to quickly switch back and forth. It boosts mental math skills, as well.

There is a parent system that shows your child’s progress. Parents will also be interested to note that this app also builds those early algebra skills (such as using inverse operations and solving for missing numbers) that are becoming so critical to school success.

iOS App Store

Rocket Math Add & Subtract

Rocket Math Add & SubtractRocket Math LLC – $2.99

This fast-paced, space-age math app will get your fourth grader proficient at addition and subtraction facts even if other apps or programs have failed. The secret is that in addition to presenting math facts to students, then saying if they are correct or incorrect, Rocket Math “notices” when they get a problem wrong and goes into a teaching sequence to correct the problem. Kids have to prove they know the fact before it’s counted as mastered.

The app is voice-guided, so no worries if a student is not a strong reader. Players are rewarded for speed and accuracy of responses, too. The app goes over addition facts, followed by their subtraction counterparts. There is a parent dashboard where progress can be monitored, as well.

iOS App Store

Rocket Math Multiply & Divide

Rocket Math Multiply & DivideRocket Math LLC – $2.99

Once your fourth grader has mastered adding and subtracting, be sure they can answer multiplications and divisions fluently as well by using this companion app to Rocket Math Add & Subtract. The same great system of teaching to correct slow or inaccurate answers is used in this app, and kids will love the built-in levels and awards that come with skill and proficiency.

This app keeps track so parents or teachers can see exactly how students are performing. It moves kids through three levels with increasing difficulty. Students will work with multiplication facts followed by their division counterparts.

iOS App Store

Monster Math: Games for Kids

Monster MathMakkajai Edu Tech Private Limited – $6.99 iOS, $7.99 Android

Monster Math adds the thrill and excitement of a video game to computation practice. This is great because almost nothing motivates kids as well as a video game. If they think they are playing, they will spend more time with the app and learn even more.

Monster Math covers basic multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, as well as some computation with larger numbers. The app is formatted to help kids practice on lots of levels, including fluency with mental math.

iOS App Store / Google Play

Apps to Learn Fractions & Decimals

Fourth grade fractions get a lot easier with practice using these apps.

Slice Fractions

Slice FractionsUlulab – $3.99

Slice Fractions is a unique game app that most fourth graders won’t even recognize as being educational, so if you want to sneak fraction lessons in on your student, this is the way to do it. The fractions problems are disguised as physics puzzles, and the main character is too cute. Kids get to collect crazy hats, too, so what’s not to like?

This app covers many important fractions concepts, including parts to wholes, numerators and denominators, equivalent fractions, ordering by size, subtracting from a whole, and addition of fractions.

iOS App Store / Google Play

Teachley: Fractions Boost

TeachleyTeachley – $3.99

Fourth graders can zoom through fractions practice with this outstanding app that combines the thrill of the racetrack with learning. The “driver” is challenged to hit the barrier at the right fractional point (such as ½ in the middle, or ⅓ from the left) to pass through it. Students will need to judge the fractional amount visually on increasingly difficult problems. If they “miss,” the app provides an instant tutorial with guides and markings to show how to judge the fraction correctly.

This app is perfect for moving students from minimal rote understanding of fractions to visually assessing just where ¾ or even ⅘ is on an item or number line. At $3.99, it’s a great investment because kids love to play and the only way to get good at fractions is to internalize understanding.

iOS App Store

Fractions Basics & Decimals

Fraction Basics & DecimalsVisual Math Interactive Sdn. Bhd. – Free with in-app purchases

This offering from ZapZap Math Home gives fourth graders a great foundation for understanding fractions concepts. The app provides video tutorials for topics and concepts such as basic fraction knowledge (like denominators and numerators, dividing wholes and so forth), improper fractions and mixed numbers, equivalent fractions and renaming fractions, operations and computation with fractions, and conversion among fractions, decimals, and percents.

Subscriptions are available monthly ($4.99), quarterly ($12.99) and annually ($39.99). A subscription unlocks all of the fractions videos. Best of all, it also unlocks all other content from the ZapZap Home series. Up to three students can use one subscription.

iOS App Store

Quick Fractions

Quick Fractions Shiny Things – $1.99

Here’s an app that covers all the bases your fourth grader needs in this area. The app has multiple modes that cover fraction basics, comparing the sizes of fractions, conversions between fractions, decimals and percents, and operations with fractions. Each activity is scaffolded, which means that all the supports are in place to help even the most confused student.

Quick Fractions features a handwriting recognition system, so kids can draw their answers instead of typing them. There is a parent reporting system that will help adults keep track of students’ progress, too.

iOS App Store

Apps for All-Around Math Skills


MathmateerFreecloud Design, Inc. – $1.99

This app is perfect for your astronomical fourth grader! It presents math practice activities with an outer space twist. Kids can build rockets and fly around in space by solving the math problems. The app includes 56 missions to uncover learning in areas such as computation, fractions, time, money, 2D and 3D shapes, square roots, and much more.

The games are different each time your child plays, so the fun is nearly endless. The app keeps good records so parents and teachers can monitor progress. There’s room for up to five players, too.

iOS App Store

iLiveMath Animals of Africa

iLiveMath Animals Of AfricaiHome Educator – $4.99

Activate your fourth grader’s higher thinking skills with word problems in this app. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and beginning mean, median, mode and range. The numbers in the word problems are dynamically generated, so kids can play again and again. Successful solutions are rewarded with kid-safe videos that students will find highly motivating.

This app includes an answer key and student responses are automatically evaluated for correctness and kids get immediate feedback. Parents and teachers also have access to progress reports.

iOS App Store

Crafty Cut- All Access

Crafty Cut - all accessTouch Press, Inc. – Free with in-app purchases

Here’s an app that will help your fourth-grader build geometry skills. Crafty Cut presents geometric concepts in a challenging and engaging game format. Best of all, it also builds spatial reasoning skills that so many fourth graders need. It can really give your child a leg up as he or she heads through the years toward the higher math classes in middle and high school.

Crafty Cut includes 3 levels, including one described as “fiendish.” It offers 4 modes of play, too. Subscriptions cost $4.99 per month or $49.99 for an “all-access pass.”

iOS App Store

4th Grade Math Games for Kids

4th Grade Math Games for Kids Study Pad, Inc. – Free with in-app purchases

With a subscription, this app is a great all-around tool for fourth grade math practice. It covers over 80 critical Common Core skills for fourth graders, ranging from computation and place value through fractions and measurement all the way to algebra and geometry. The app presents an almost infinite selection of problems related to the target skill, offers detailed explanations of wrong answers, and encourages kids to continue using virtual rewards.

Use the free version to get a feel for what the app can offer, then consider a subscription to keep the fun going. Prices range from $29.99 per quarter to $59.99 annually. In addition, Splash Pad is a respected provider of educational software and apps, so you can be sure the app is high quality and will be great for your kids.

iOS App Store

Elephant Learning Math Academy

Elephant Learning Math AcademyElephantHead Software – Free with in-app purchases

If your fourth grader is struggling a bit in math, this might be the answer you were looking for. This app is prescriptive, meaning that it can find and teach to holes in your child’s understanding of math. It goes over all the basics, like computation, fact fluency, fractions, and more, and it will adapt to your student’s specific needs. It covers math concepts all the way up through high school level, so your student can also get a head start on harder skills.

Elephant Learning Math Academy is subscription-based ($35 per month), but it gives several kinds of progress reports to help parents and teachers understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The developers also are adding new content regularly, and are working to keep the system engaging for students.

iOS App Store / Google Play

DoodleMath: Elementary Math

DoodleMathsEZ Education Ltd. – Free with in-app purchases

Here’s another adaptive math app that will meet your fourth grader where he or she is with specific math skills and then help them learn what they need to move forward. The subscription version gives students unlimited access to all of the games and programs. It also includes a parent dashboard so you can see exactly how they are progressing with the work.

DoodleMath subscriptions range from per month per student to $78.99 annually per student. There is also a lifetime offer of $169.99. DoodleMath is a British system, so some of the terminology may seem different to parents, but it covers exactly the same skills as Common Core.

iOS App Store / Google Play

Wuzzit Trouble

Wuzzit Trouble Brainquake, Inc. – $1.99

Wuzzits are cute, loveable whatchamacallits that have a knack for falling into traps and needing your fourth grader’s help to get rescued. Rescuing involves using problem-solving and creative thinking, as well as applying math skills. The game is appealing and engaging, and will definitely help your student with the advanced, complex parts of math reasoning that are so critical to success in modern math classes.

There are 75 different puzzles to try and 3 levels of star ratings that indicate their difficulty. Parents will be reassured to learn that Wuzzit Trouble is also very child-safe, with no outside advertisements or in-app purchases.

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