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Brush and Smudge App Review

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Price: Free


Brush and Smudge is a cute art app that provides a mess free way of painting various pictures that can be saved in an art gallery for later viewing. With various pictures like parrots, pirates, and monkeys kids are sure to enjoy using various colors to create wonderful masterpieces to share.

Features include:

  • 8 Pictures to paint
  • 2 Paintbrush sizes
  • 8 Paint colors to mix and match

Brush and Smudge is a great art app for kids that enjoy coloring and painting. After choosing one of the 8 pictures there is a palette of 8 colors to choose from along with a small and large paintbrush. The paint colors can be mixed and matched to create an unlimited number of other colors to be used in the pictures as well. Simply tap one color and any other color you want to add and watch the color and shade change. Once the perfect color is selected kids can tap the picture and begin painting.

The actual painting itself is not with a brush at all, but with your fingers which is great for kids. They can rub their fingers back and forth over the area they want to paint. When it’s time to change colors, they just have to go back to color palette and tap the next color and soon they will be back to work on their work of art. After their picture is complete, they can select the “Save” button that will put it into an art gallery for later viewing.

While children will mostly use their creativity in this app, there is potential for them to learn about various colors as they mix and match the paint. For instance, when they add the red and blue paints together they make purple. This feature is great for kids that are visual learners as they watch the new colors emerge.

Many art apps are made for children to have fun and use their creativity and this one is no different. Kids get to use their imaginations as they paint the various pictures however they see fit. They may decide that a purple or green cat is interesting and fun and they have the freedom of painting their pictures in anyway they want. Once they have painted a few pictures, it is also fun for them to go back and look at the art gallery that includes all of their wonderful masterpieces.

Brush and Smudge is absolutely free and you just can’t get better than that when you have so many colors to choose from and 8 pictures included. There are two opportunities to purchase more pictures and they are priced at just under a dollar which isn’t bad at all. If your children love having a variety of pictures to paint, this is a great app for you.

Not only is it easy to use, but this app doesn’t have any social media links or advertisements to distract little ones. It is also great because children can have the freedom of painting their pictures just how they like it without having to worry about safety concerns.

With that said, there are two in app purchase options in order to buy more pictures to paint, so parents will want to be aware of that.

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