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Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper is a delightfully illustrated interactive eBook featuring two mini games and a scene sharing feature your kids are sure to love.

Brilliant, original watercolor scenes propel this retelling of Cinderella. Interactive features are tucked into each page, giving the story even more staying power for young children who love to see and hear all the extras. The story may be enjoyed in read-to-me or read-alone style in four different languages (English, French, Russian and German). Or, like many top quality eBook, there’s an option to record your own reading of the text for a truly customized story experience. My kids especially love this feature and are always sad if one of their eBooks is missing it.

And then there’s the story. Cinderella is a classic for a reason. Children find it hard to resist the story of a girl’s dream to become a princess and the magic that brings her to her prince. The Cinderella or The Glass Slipper app is designed to make the most of the iPad’s screen, and it’s sprinkled with fun find-the-difference and puzzle mini games that help keep it fresh for children. There’s also a fun post card creator featuring characters from the story for your little one to customize with messages then share.

The result is an extremely polished eBook retelling of a classic story. At $4.99 it’s still cheaper than a traditional storybook, although it is more expensive than some other eBooks. The quality of the drawings and inclusion of mini games make it well worth the small investment. I also like the fact that the story focuses on how kind and good hearted Cinderella is, although the rewriting mentions a few things, such as the step sisters and the prince skipping meals, that just rub me the wrong way and don’t seem appropriate for a children’s story.

Bottom line

Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper is a beautiful, full featured eBook with an acceptable price tag. The art is the real star here.

An interactive book with real watercolor paintings, built-in games, four languages for text and voice, three reading modes. Regular Price: 3-5$ (3$ for iPhone and 5 for iPad)