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“Sometimes appearance does not really mater.” Join David as he learns the important lesson in the Clown Dress-Up eBook app for iPhone and iPad. For a limited time enjoy this charming eBook app for the discounted price of $.99.Do you remember the first time you saw a clown? At first the big shoes, crazy colors and wacky clothes might have surprised or even scared you. That’s what happens to David. But, leaving a brave kitty on guard duty, David’s mom helps him learn that there’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, clowns can be a lot of fun.

The lesson of tolerance and acceptance is so important for our children to learn. This colorful eBook teaches those lessons in a fun setting.

Bright colors and interactive graphics make each page of the Clown Dress-Up eBook a delight. Your child can actually pet the brave guard kitty, Mitzi, and dozens of other fun graphics, to hear new sounds and see them spring into action.

The Clown Dress-Up app supports a read-to-me style story, with the option of turning the sound off and reading it to herself as well. Pages turn with a swipe of a finger, just like a real book.

Bottom line

While there are not any extras in this eBook, such as games or coloring screens, the Clown Dress-Up iPhone app’s great price and lovely life lesson make it a great addition to your family’s digital library. When David saw a clown for the very first time, he didn’t laugh.
Instead, he got scared and burst into tears.
How will his mom convince him that clowns are all about fun?

“Clown Dress-Up” is not only a great interactive story,
it’s an important experience that teaches children
that the best way to cope with their fears is to learn more about them.

The story is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, enthusiastic narration,
silly background music, and lots of objects to interact with.
In other words, lots of fun stuff for kids.

Recommended for ages 3+
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Regular Price: $.99