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Most parents remember the color-by-number books we had as kids. Who didn’t love coloring each number according to the key to see what hidden picture would be revealed. Of course, ours were not as fancy as the Coloring Smart – Fun and Education for Kids app.

The disadvantage to the paper copies we grew up with is that you had to keep the color key, usually a separate page, and the necessary colors close at hand, which was not always easy to do. With the Coloring Smart app you will not have to worry about carrying the crayons and color key, they are built into the app. Not only is the app entertaining, but it is also educational. In additional to using eight different colors, children will be working with shapes, numbers, and simple addition/subtraction in the 36 drawings. Drawings are divided into six categories; people, fairy tale, nature, animals, transportation and seasons. Each category contains six drawings; two shapes, two numbers and two addition/subtraction.

Coloring Smart is an easy to use, intuitive, universal app. Some may find it a little more difficult to fill in the colors when using the app on the smaller screen of an iPhone or iPod, but it is still enjoyable. Different sounds are used for feedback and a happy little tune is used to celebrate the completion of the drawing. The music and sounds used throughout the app are not distracting; instead add nicely to the positive learning environment.

The app does contain a very discrete external link to the developer’s web page. It is not likely to attract the child’s attention, but pressing the link will exit the app. No in-app purchases, ads or social media buttons are found in the app, making it a kid-friendly, kid-safe app.

Bottom line

Fabulous app for entertaining while educating young children on colors, shapes, numbers and simple addition/subtraction.

NOTE: Coloring Smart is an advertiser, this has no impact on how we review an app – but saying that, we do think it’s great.
Kids love coloring. So why not excite your little ones with a positive and creative mobile app? The friendly and intuitive touch interface is easy to use by all ages, in any language. Tested by kids, approved by parents.


✔ 36 beautiful colorful illustrations in 6 categories included!

✔ Categories: Nature, Animals, Transport, People, Fairy Tale and Seasons.

✔ Intuitive interface that has been tested and refined with children of many ages.

✔ Best for kids between 3-8 years.

✔ Wonderful music and atmospheric sounds enhance the experience.

✔ No more frustrating finger-painting: just touch an area to fill it with color.

✔ Touch locator improves touch accuracy.

✔ Supports all devices: iPad 1, 2 and 3 with Retina, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 with HD, iPod Touch

✔ No banner advertising

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