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  • Count 2 Play
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Help young kids learn to count while interacting with silly animations and playing fun counting games.

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Kids can learn their numbers and play fun games at the same time. Count 2 Play introduces kids to the numbers 1-10 through a series of fun animations that allow them to see the numbers represented multiple ways. Each number is accompanied by a fun game that helps reinforce basic counting skills and help kids build other key skills, such as puzzle solving, finding hidden items, and matching pictures. The counting games and activities help make this app a strong choice for toddlers and preschoolers.

Features include:

  • Numbers 1-10
  • Fun number games
  • Oral counting
  • On-screen guidance


Count 2 Play is a simple and colorful app designed to help kids learn their numbers. The main screen directs kids to start at the number one. A question mark provides kids with instructions and, if kids do not complete the task within a few seconds, a finger appears on the screen to show kids what to do. All of the counting screens and the activities that follow respond well to kids. All of the numbers are displayed across the top of the screen and kids have the ability to switch from number to number, even if they do not finish an activity. A star appears next to numbers they have already completed.


Kids can learn the numbers 1-10. As each number is displayed on the screen kids must drag the correct number of characters on top of it. The characters are counted out as kids add them and once they add the correct number, helping kids both see and hear the number to reinforce their counting skills.


As kids learn their numbers, they get the opportunity to interact with funny characters. After dragging the correct number of characters onto a number, kids get to enjoy a silly activity, such as putting hats on cats or finding all of the ants that are wearing pants. Most of the activities are appropriate for the toddler and preschool age level, but a few present a higher degree of difficulty. For example, for the number 9, kids must stack 9 fish on a plate by moving their device left and right, but the fish easily fall off the plate, making it nearly impossible to complete the activity.


The app covers the numbers 1-10 and offers a fun activity to go with each number. These activities help increase the value of the app. While parents may find similar counting apps for free, this app is still a quality counting app and worth a download, particularly if kids are working on building their counting skills.

Child Friendliness

The protected parent area could use a slightly more involved parental lock, but otherwise children are focused on the game. Within the game, kids will find the option to adjust the volume and will find a help button to help them figure out what to do.

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Help young kids learn to count while interacting with silly animations and playing fun counting games.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars