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Join Dabby Dill as she tries to find her way out of her Hiccup Pickle by trying a variety of silly remedies. A silly story all children can enjoy.

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Dabby Dill and the Hiccup Pickle is a storybook app about a little girl who just can’t get rid of her hiccups. Children will enjoy following Dabby Dill as she tries various silly remedies to get rid of her dreaded hiccups. The app also includes some surprises within the illustrations that children can explore as they read.

Features include:

  • In story activities
  • Text Highlighting
  • Narration


Dabby Dill & the Hiccup Pickle is full of bright colors and fun images that children will enjoy. The brief interactive features are scattered throughout each page and require children to tap and touch various items in the picture to bring them to life. For instance, the lights in Dabby’s room turn on and off, her puppy hides under the bed, etc. when they are touched. Overall, the app is easy to use with arrows pointing in each direction for users to easily use to turn the page. The text-highlighting and animated narration that are included allow children of all reading levels to enjoy the story.


As you might expect with a storybook app, there are various narration options that can be used to help children work on their reading skills. The developers have included a ‘story mode’ that includes narration without text-highlighting, a ‘read along’ option that includes text-highlighting and a slower narration, and a ‘self-read’ option without narration. The ‘read along’ option also includes words in blue that can be tapped to view the definition and the pronunciation. This is a great way for children to learn new words like ‘guzzled’ or ‘peculiar’.

The various options allow children of reading levels to be able to enjoy the app which is nice, however it can be a little confusing for young children moving through the app alone. With that said, this app does offer an opportunity for children to practice their reading skills with a entertaining story.


In addition to the silly story about curing the hiccups, children have the opportunity to interact with various images throughout the story and bring them to life. Many of the items respond with fun sound effects that will keep children engaged. Some of the images provide access to other extras that children will love. For instance, in one scene there is a jar of pickles and when it is tapped, a recipe for pickles pops up. Another extra is a silly fruit song that children listen to and sing along with. The developers have also included a memory game that can be accessed from the main page that has children remember a sequence of ‘hiccups’ to earn points.

While the extras are fun to find throughout the story, they have a tendency to interrupt the narration if they are found before the narrator has finished reading the text and does not start over or pick up where they left off when they return to the story. This can result in children missing parts of the story. It would also be nice to include access to the extras on the main page so children can enjoy them outside the story as well.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app is in line with many of the storybook apps available and is a good value. There are a lot of extras that are included as well as a variety of ways children can read through it which is nice. I think overall parents will appreciate the price and kids will love the content.

Child Friendliness

Overall, the developers have done a nice job ensuring that this app is easy to use for children of all reading levels, though all of the buttons can create a little bit of confusion. The tap/touch technology and the arrows that are used make it easy for kids to move through the story without needing any assistance from parents. The developers have also made sure that this app is safe to use and parents will appreciate that there are no social media links or in app purchase links to worry about. Simplifying the narration options and providing access to the in-story extras from the main page would be helpful and make it a bit easier for children to use and enjoy.

Join Dabby Dill as she tries to find her way out of her Hiccup Pickle by trying a variety of silly remedies. A silly story all children can enjoy.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars