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Dr. Morph’s Memo puts a fun spin on the traditional memory game with interesting animal creations. Have fun finding all 100 unique animals in this high quality, quirky app.

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Available on the App Store

Dr. Morph’s Memo is a creative take on the traditional memory match game. In this app, players attempt to find an animal and their match, only some of the animals aren’t so ordinary.

Dr. Morph is a scientist who has created 100 unique, and sometimes wacky animal combinations (such as a pig crossed with a donkey) and players not only have to work to remember where they saw a particular animal, but they are also challenged with 3D blocks that tumble and fall as the matches disappear, making it even more challenging to remember where the animals are hidden. Add to that timed and 3 life game options and you have an innovative and challenging way to test your memory, and an app that children will truly enjoy.

Features include:

  • 100 animal creations to collect
  • Timed game option
  • 3 Life game option
  • Gallery of collected animals

It is clear that a lot of creativity went into developing this app, with the wacky animation included in Dr. Morph’s laboratory, 100 different unique animal creations, and the audio for each animal, this app is very well done. Unlike the more traditional memory games, this app uses 3D blocks where the animals are hiding and must be matched. As each new match is found, the blocks disappear and cause the others to fall and move about, adding a physics element to the game. Also, with each new level the game becomes a bit more difficult as many very similar looking animals are added . Children can also play with a timed or 3 life game options to challenge their memories even more. The most interesting part of this app is discovering Dr. Morph’s new animal creations and children will definitely enjoy filling their animal gallery as they play to collect all 100 animals. Overall this creative app is one of the best I have seen in terms of the quality due to the detailed animal creations and quirky setting.

Dr. Morph’s Memo is definitely more of an entertainment app and doesn’t have much by way of educational features. With that said, children who play this game definitely have the opportunity to challenge and improve their visual memory skills using this unique app.

This unique app provides hours of fun for children as they play to uncover all 100 of Dr. Morph’s creations. It isn’t likely they will complete their animal gallery in one sitting, so they will need to play it several times in order to uncover all of Dr. Morph’s animals. In addition to the animated animals, I thought the sounds the animals made were often quite funny and very unique, and I am sure kids will get a kick out of them as well.

The 3D blocks, timed and 3 life game options, as well as the unique animals make this app a fun experience for children, however the repetitiveness of the memory game could become boring for some. Adding another activity or game option that works with the memory theme might help with this.

For $2.99 this app has a lot to offer in quality and creativity, but for some parents, it might be a bit too much to pay for what it lacks in education and variety of activities. The value could definitely be increased with additional games and game options to give parents more bank for their buck.

The fun music, animal sounds, and silly animal creations makes Dr. Morph’s Memory appealing to children and the easy-to-use interface makes this app extremely child friendly.

There are no flashy ads to purchase new apps, or links to social media sites, so parents can allow their child to simply have fun with little supervision. With the intuitive tap and touch mechanics for playing the game, there are no worries that players will get frustrated or stuck on one page as they enjoy this unique app.

Available on the App Store