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Dr Panda’s Restaurant is a deliciously fun app that will get kids cooking tasty meals for their favorite animal friends. This is such an enjoyable app, that while it is a game mostly for preschoolers, older kids may enjoy the app too. Children get to prepare and cook dishes, set and clear the table, wash dishes and even recycle.

Each dish has a simplified step by step recipe to follow, there are no audio clues, but I didn’t find them necessary. I did have a teeny issue with the way the onion was cut – you should really dice from the end that is trimmed – right? I will warn you, although this is just an app, I wouldn’t recommend playing if you are hungry or on a diet – the food really makes you want to cook! (and eat).

There are no external links in the main part of the app, but if you click the “home” button to exit game play there is a For Parents page and a link to more apps which opens in the App Store. This “home screen” isn’t the main page though, so we don’t have an issue with it containing external links. The For Parents page is little more than an option to sign up for the newsletter or to rate the app in the app store.

There’s nothing I can really say that needs improving with this app, hence the 5 star rating. The design is beautiful, the characters are charming and the game play is super fun. Often we mention that an app is good and that it has potential, but needs polish. This is a perfect example of when everything comes together perfectly – design, fun, interaction, great price, and within a kid-safe environment.

Features at-a-glance
Learn to cook 10 dishes including soup, pizza, apple pie and chocolate pudding
Ideal for pre-readers, not reading required.
Additional mini games include washing dishes, cleaning the table, setting the table and recycling

There is also a free version of Dr. Panda’s Restaurant for you to try before you buy.

Bottom line
Deliciously fun, Dr Panda’s Restaurant will delight preschool aged kids while they cook food for their animal friends – plus learn some other useful kitchen chores. At $1.99 for a universal app (works and looks great on iPad, iPhone and iPod), this is a great little app that will keep the little ones very happy.
In Dr. Panda’s Restaurant, kids prepare delicious dishes and drinks in order to satisfy the appetite of Dr. Panda’s friendly animal guests. During each recipe, kids will complete varied activities such as slicing, frying, toasting, mixing and baking. In essence, this game combines meal time with fun time, without any mess! Additionally, kids won’t only learn the basics of cooking; they will also learn to be helpful at home by playing extra housework mini-games.

Key Features:
– 8 adorable animal guests to serve and feed
– Learn the basics of cooking with Dr. Panda’s 10 recipes
– Learn to help with the housework via 3 additional mini-games
– Touch & Discover: Fantastic artwork, fun animations and sounds
– Kid-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface and no reading required
– Kids Safe: No third party advertisement or any in-app purchase

Video Trailer: http://youtu.be/_XlqeefJ-k0

Regular Price: 1.99