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Draw and Tell, another fantastic app by Duck Duck Moose, is not just another drawing app. This is one app your child will not want to put down.

As the app opens you are greeted with a welcome screen and a child’s voice narrating your options; which are to choose blank paper or coloring page. The background music, classical nursery rhymes, can be muted from this screen. As is typical of Duck Duck Moose apps, this one has an intuitive interface and bright bold colors, with many cute characters.

If you choose to start with a blank page, you will be presented with 32 papers (backgrounds) to choose from or you can choose to decorate a photo from your device photos. The coloring pages are the type that fill an area; not free form.

The tools included in both the blank and coloring pages are stencils, crayons, paint brushes, undo button and an eraser, colored pencils, stickers and patterns. Two unique crayon colors that were my favorites are the Rainbow and Glow in the Dark. The stickers and stencils can be sized and contain a huge variety of choices; such as numbers, letters, animals, food and hats to name just a few.

There is a record feature that allows you to attach a voice recording to each drawing or coloring page. Stickers can be moved around during the recording to help tell the story.

Your child’s masterpieces can be saved within the app to the “Your Drawings” folder and then exported to your device Photos at a later time.

A separate iPhone version is available in iTunes. The only difference, other than the smaller work space, is the iPhone version does not have the Stencils feature.

One suggestion to the developers at Duck Duck Moose is to remove or secure the additional apps button so that children are not taken out of the app. As it is, the button will attract any child and they are then taken to the iTunes store.

A privacy statement is available in the iTunes description. This app does not collect data, contain ads, in-app purchases or social media buttons; however, it does contain links to other Duck Duck Moose apps.

Bottom line

Draw and Tell HD by Duck Duck Moose is a simple and easy to use drawing and storytelling app. It’s loaded with features and reasonably priced.
Draw and Tell is the best drawing app for kids of all ages. Draw or color, add stickers, then talk about your drawing. Move the stickers to create an animation! Your memories and voice recording will be saved with your drawing.

Regulary price: $1.99