Draw Your Own Puppy Coloring Pages

Free Puppy Coloring Pages

Your kids will need many puppy coloring pages to train their skills in coloring and combining colors. But hey, can you imagine how much you will spend if you have to buy puppy coloring books every time the previous book is completed? It might not be as much as you think, but still, it is your precious money and that you can save it for another use, right?

So, we propose you with the idea of drawing your own puppy coloring pages. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? No, it isn’t as difficult as you think. The only things you need are some sheets of paper and a pencil or drawing pen. Then, you can directly draw your own puppy coloring pages for kids. The only costs you might spend are for copying the paper and also buying the sheets of paper. But come on, it won’t be more expensive than buying coloring books. Really!

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Finding the Ideas for Puppy Coloring Pages

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Okay, one of the difficulties that you might face during creating your own puppy coloring pages is finding the ideas for the picture. There can be questions pop up in your head about what kind of puppy you have to draw, what the puppy is doing, what the background is, etc. So, before you get stuck in these seas of questions, it is better to dive in the ocean of ideas.

The first solution for you is drawing by looking on your own pets. If you have puppies at home, you can use them as inspiration for the puppy coloring pages. Believe us, your kids will find this really entertaining as it is their own pets and they will feel more excited to color it. But, in case you don’t have one, you can refer to your neighbor’s or friends’ puppies. So, if you are going to use this idea, you should do some observations to the puppies. Watch them closely when they are doing activities: eating, sleeping, running, or playing. Then, while the puppies doing so you can start making the sketches. Later, improve your sketches to the final drawing.

The next place to search for ideas is the internet. Yes, the internet provides you with tons of puppy coloring pages where you can draw inspirations from. The images in the internet have various themes, from puppy plays, puppy wedding, puppy and its friends, up to puppy Christmas coloring pages. Observe and find the most interesting pictures for you. Then, based on it, you can draw your own version of puppies and their activities. Another idea is using your own imagination. We believe you often see puppies, here and there. So, your task is imagining them in your brain, including the details of their ears, nose, feet, tail, and furs. Then, you can start drawing your own puppies.

What do you say? You aren’t that good in drawing? Don’t be sad. You can draw the exact puppy coloring pages from the examples given by the internet. It is known that people, who can’t draw, still have the ability in replicating others’ drawing. Thus, when you do this, your drawing won’t be too bad as if you start the process from the scratch.

Draw Your Own Puppy Coloring Pages
Written by: Jack Best
Draw Your Own Puppy Coloring Pages
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Don’t Forget Your Supplies

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