More Excellent Parenting Hacks

Is there such thing as too many parenting hacks? We certainly don’t think so. Every parent could use help that saves time, money, and energy. With that in mind check out a few more excellent parenting hacks to help you on days where you feel like you’re insane:

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Lunch “Freezes”

Tired of making lunch every darn day? Solve this problem by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, placing them in ziplock bags, and freezing them. Problem solved! Try this trick with any freezable-sandwich and just pull them out when you’re ready. Sandwiches keep for about six weeks, and if you take them out in the morning they’ll be ready by lunchtime.

Instant Baby-Proofing

Make baby-proofing a super simple process via rulers and yardsticks. Have a chest of drawers with metal handles down the middle? Place the yardstick in the handles and poof! Instant baby-proofing.

Another instant baby-proofing tactic for those pesky outlets is covering them with band aids. You’ll feel like the MacGyver of moms!

Dosage Tracking

Giving your child too much of a prescribed medication is bad news bears, as is too little medication. Use a Sharpie or other marker to keep track of daily dosages on the actual medication bottle. Create slots or boxes where you can check off the dosage for the day and never wonder again.

Pancake Pieces

Serving pancakes on Sunday to your little ones? Use a cookie cutter to cut the pancakes into bite sizes perfect for small hands.

Cup/Magnet Trick

Glue small magnets on favorite sippy cups so they stick to the fridge and can be accessed easily.

Fast Food Organization Buckets

Sick of dealing with a mess in your car every time you treat your kids to fast food? Solve this problem for good with organization buckets. They make it easy to organize sandwiches, fries, and other treats without having to vacuum the car.

Immediate Entertainment

Out of ways to entertain your toddler? Never fear, as younglings are…easily entertained. For example, a colander and some colorful pipe cleaners provides hours of entertainment. If you’re still stuck, that’s what Pinterest is for!

Lint Roller Glitter Cleanup

Do your kids love creating crafts with glitter, only to get the stuff all over the craft card table? Rather than trying to sweep up the glitter with your hand or a paper towel and finding the stuff all over the house in the coming weeks, use a lint roller. It’s an instant glitter cleaner!