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Explorium-Space for Kids will take budding astronauts on an interplanetary adventure full of games, facts and surprises.

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Explorium-Space for Kids will take budding astronauts on an interplanetary adventure full of games, facts and surprises. Kids will play and learn their way across the solar system as they follow their own path and explore at their own pace.

Features include:

  • Over 70 fun space facts
  • Nine mini-games to build memory, logical thinking, and other skills
  • Flexible, individualized access to information
  • Expands vocabulary
  • Engaging, intuitive interface


Explorium-Space for Kids is an outstanding app. It’s very well-designed to be intriguing and engaging, yet easy for the target audience to use. The app’s narrator gives very clear instructions, and the graphics make usage very intuitive. There is a great deal of variety, yet the developers managed to provide structure and predictability that are also important to young children.


Space for Kids will expand your child’s horizons and may just open the door to a life-long interest in all things galactic. And if your youngster is already intrigued with the stars and planets, he or she will be thrilled with this app because it offers a wealth of information and loads of fun for budding space explorers. The app takes users on a journey through outer space and offers opportunities to visit the planets as well as many moons and more. It utilizes the power of the imagination combined with entertaining games and interesting facts to make learning fun.

Young users begin by choosing a character and climbing into a spaceship. The game features multiple stages, just as a real trip would. Explore the earth’s atmosphere and moon, then head off to learn about the planets in the solar system. Users are on a quest to find and fix a broken machine on a far off planet, so the game has a clear goal as well as helping kids have fun along the way with their learning. Each stop along the way has multiple activities, from gathering crystals to smashing asteroids to playing mini-games. Each scene also includes several exclamation point icons that signify fun facts to learn about the planet, space, or the history of space travel. Once the machine is found and fixed at the end of the game, players get to be creative as they “decorate” their very own planet.

It’s also very nice that the mini-games and the facts that have been uncovered to that point in the game can be accessed separately. The home screen includes a link to choose any game you wish as well as a link to the “encyclopedia” where all of the facts accessed up until that point in the game are available for review. The mini-games include dot-to-dot activities, jigsaw puzzles, bop-the-alien activities, matching and memory games, and more. All will be fun for most young children, and all build important early learning skills such as attention, eye-hand coordination, and thinking skills. The app also includes a feature to change the language, offering French, Spanish, German and more.


Space for Kids is very entertaining! There are several levels of fun in the app, which will be meaningful to kids of different ages. Early learners can choose to follow the quest to fix the machine, they can take their time exploring the planets, playing games and learning about the universe, and they can access the mini-games outside of the structured game play. Having such flexibility means that the app will be fun for a range of age groups and have lasting play value.

There are also four levels of difficulty that impact the mini-games. This also will really help extend the useful life of the app. Choose from easy, medium, advanced or hard to change details such as the number of pieces in the jigsaw activities or the complexity of the memory games.


Explorium-Space for Kids is an excellent value, particularly if your child has an interest in space or science. The information is great, the vocabulary used will help them understand more words, and the games are wonderful to build skills. Parents, teachers or mentors can reset the progress through the app to prepare it for other users or to allow a child to begin again to unlock all of the facts. There is also a lot of play value and re-play value in this app, so it will probably be used again and again.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly. There are no outside advertisements, no in-app purchases, and no links to social media or email. The parents’ section does include a ratings request, a contact system and links to other apps by this developer, but these are all well-protected behind an effective parent gate. The options section is unprotected, but the system to reset the app within the options section has a gate on it. The one concern is that the app does present children with a rating pop-up early in the game and again at the end. Ratings should be protected, particularly because this rating pop-up also requests users to write a review in the App Store, which opens the store. Children should not have access to this.

Explorium-Space for Kids will take budding astronauts on an interplanetary adventure full of games, facts and surprises.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars