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Read about Ferdinand Fox who falls into a deep sleep and is not to be disturbed. This is a great rhyming story for children of all ages.

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Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep is a delightful storybook app that tells the tale of a cute little fox who falls into a seemingly deep sleep in a local neighborhood and puzzles a man who lives near. This interactive story is written in rhymes and is full of wonderful brightly colored images that compliment the cute story. Great for children of all ages, this would be a wonderful bedtime story.

Features include:

  • Narration options
  • Rhyming story
  • Matching activity


Children are going to love this cute story especially for the rhyming story line and the high quality illustrations. The sound effects compliment the story very well and really help to bring the story to life as the clock tower chimes and Ferdinand Fox snores as he sleeps. The developer has also done a great job making this app easy to use with arrows located at the bottom of each page to help children transition from one page to the next.


Many storybook apps use narration options so children can read to themselves and follow along with the story and Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep is no different. Unfortunately, there is not an option for text highlighting which can make it difficult for early readers to follow along.

Another educational opportunity comes in the interactive illustrations. Throughout the story there are illustrations that have question marks that pop up. When tapped the narrator will say the word of the object and the word will appear. This allows children to learn new words to add to their vocabulary. The matching game that is included in the app is also great for matching written words with pictures allowing readers to practice what they have learned.


In addition to the cute story and entertaining illustrations, there is also an added matching activity that provides another way for children to enjoy the app. The rhyming story is also fun for children to hear and read themselves. Overall, it is nice to have an additional activity for children to play and it definitely adds to the entertainment value of the app.


Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep is currently being offered absolutely free which is a great deal. Not only is this a great story for bedtime, but it is also an all around cute story for children to practice their reading skills and getting it for free is just icing on the cake. You don’t want to miss this deal!

Child Friendliness

Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep is easy to use for children especially since it includes narration options and arrows indicating how to change the page. Unfortunately there is no text highlighting available in this app and that limits it a little bit. Parents will be happy to know that there are no social media links or in app purchases and the parent’s area is protected so children are able to play safely.

Read about Ferdinand Fox who falls into a deep sleep and is not to be disturbed. This is a great rhyming story for children of all ages.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars