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Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek App Review

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Children of all ages will enjoy this story of five silly monkeys playing hide and seek as they try to delay the inevitable, bedtime!

Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek is another great e-book from Oceanhouse Media with fun illustrations, a delightful rhyming story with various narration options that can assist children with their reading and counting skills. This story tells the tale of five silly monkeys trying desperately to avoid bed-time by playing hide-and-seek with their babysitter only to find the ultimate hiding place no babysitter would think of, their bed!

Features include:

  • “Read to me” and “Read to myself” arration options
  • Text highlighting
  • Voice record narration option

Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek has many of the features we have come to expect from digital books with various narration options as well as a voice record feature that allows children or parents to record themselves reading the story. This particular e-book has cute illustrations as well as lively narration and a rhyming story line that makes for a nice bed-time story.

There are also areas in the story where additional sound effects are added to bring the story to life in a way you wouldn’t be able to with a traditional book. And while the illustrations, narration, and other features are of good quality, there aren’t any added fun activities incorporated into the story as many e-books have these days, which can be a little disappointing.

This app not only provides reading benefits with text highlighting and various narration options, but it also helps children with their counting skills. In various places throughout the story, Lulu the babysitter counts to 10, 24, and even 104 as she waits for the little monkeys to hide. Each time she counts the numbers are shown and highlighted as she goes allowing little ones to follow along and practice their counting skills.

This app also allows children to learn new words throughout the book as children can tap specific pictures and the word appears and in some cases is read by the narrator. Overall this app is very good in the education department with the various learning opportunities available to early learners.

While this app has a story that young children will enjoy, there aren’t any other entertainment features or games throughout that some e-books offer so the entertainment is a bit limited. One way to improve this would be to add an additional activity or game within the story itself or as an added feature in addition to the story.

The lack of entertainment and added activities in this app make the price a bit much in my opinion. Even with the cute illustrations, fun story, and narration options, parents may find something lacking especially if they have seen other digital books with ample added activities in addition to the story.

Like many of the e-books available this app is very child friendly. The narration options allow early readers and pre-readers the opportunity to enjoy the story while practicing their counting as well. It also provides easy transitions from page to page, with a simple swipe of the finger.

Parents should take note of the main page of the app as it has an option that allows access to other Oceanhouse Media apps with links to the developer’s social media sites as well. Even through the link is not within the story itself, it is one thing to be aware of.

Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek
Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek
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