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Forestpals Autumn App Review

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Price: $1.99


Forestpals Autumn is a cute and easy to use app for young children that provides a variety of games and activities for them to enjoy. With activities in counting, puzzles, matching games, coloring pages, etc. this app offers lots of educational material across various levels for little ones in addition to the story that is included.

Features include:

  • 3D Illustrations
  • Coloring pages
  • 6 Activities
  • 9 Difficulty levels


Forestpals Autumn is an app that will entertain and delight little ones as they follow along with the in-app story and watch the 3D illustrations and animations. The 3D effects offer a more realistic feel for children as they guide the characters to various items on the screen. The whimsical music and nature sounds are a nice touch and they go well with the autumn theme. Another great thing about this app is the set-up. Children are able to access activities through the story or by accessing the main page in play mode where they can move through the various levels of each activity.


This early learning app allows children to practice their counting skills as well as logic and reasoning as they complete various puzzles and memory activities. Each activity offers 9 difficulty levels for children to progress through which provides lots of practice for each skill in play mode. With so many activities and difficulty levels, Forsestpals Autumn offers incredible educational value.


In addition to the fun educational activities, this app offers a cute story with a squirrel, fox, and other forest animals that will delight little ones. With the educational activities disbursed throughout the story, children will remain engages as they play because there is always something to do. There are also two entertainment activities children can enjoy. The cake decorator activity allows players to use their creativity to decorate a cake with various fruits and candles. There are also a variety of coloring pages for children to color as well.


Offered for just under two dollars this app is a steal. Children will not only get a good balance educational and entertaining activities, but they also have so many things to do in this app they aren’t likely to get bored. Parents are certainly getting a lot for their money with this app.

Child Friendliness

With no in-app purchases or social media links this app is safe for children of all ages. The information tab is protected so parents don’t have to be concerned about children getting into that area at all.

The set-up of the app is very easy to use with easy to use buttons at the bottom of each page so children can easily move onto the next activity. One thing that can be a little distracting is the “X” in the top right corner of each activity. The icon is large enough that children might see it and close the activity before they have completed it and since there are options to go back to the home page, I am not sure why that button is so prominent.

Forestpals Autumn
Forestpals Autumn
A cute autumn themed app that includes lots of activities for children to complete for a great price.
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